Indications of Hard Water in Dallas

Are you tired of dealing with hard water? Washing clothes in hard water can look dingy and feel scratchy. Dishes and glasses end up spotty when they dry. Hard water can cause a layer of film on glass shower doors, bathtubs, sinks, faucets, the water tile line in your swimming pool, water features and your hair could look dull and feel sticky. Not to mention water flow can be severely reduced by calcium deposits in pipes. This is a nuisance to deal with and can cost thousands of dollars to replace water features, faucets and removing it from the tile in your swimming pool. Unfortunately, when people buy these things they don’t think of the hard water that we deal with in Dallas. Calcium deposits can start to form when the water is above 250 parts per million (ppm). In Dallas, the water coming out of our tap averages 300ppm.

How Does Hard Water Affect Your Swimming Pool?

If you think dealing with hard water in your house is an issue, it’s a completely different situation in your swimming pool. In Dallas, our summers are long and hot. Water evaporates rapidly but the hardness minerals remain in solution. Overtime, calcium hardness levels continue to rise and cause the following issues….

  • Stains the water tile line
  • Stains the surface of the swimming pool
  • Deposits in the plumbing
  • Ruins pool equipment
  • Stains decorative fountains and water features
  • Prevents salt systems from working correctly
  • Increases chemical usage

It’s recommended that the calcium hardness levels in your swimming pool be between 200-400ppm. In some areas of Dallas, you will be above 400ppm as soon as you fill up your swimming pool. When this happens you can either drain your swimming pool or recycle the water. In Dallas, they have regulations about draining swimming pools…..

  • Pools that are highly chorinated are toxic to fish and wildlife
  • Algecides in pool water can hinder normal plant growth
  • If the pH is below 6 or above 9 it can be detrimental to freshwater aquatic life

Draining a swimming pool can be a pain staking task. It can take 2-3 days to do, you can potentially crack the foundation of the swimming pool and you end up filling the pool with hard water again. Instead, Weber Pools offers the “Puripool Process” which lowers calcium and other hardness minerals without draining the swimming pool. We use Reverse Osmosis filtration in our mobile trailers which allows us to come to your house and recycle your swimming pool water without draining the pool. We will leave you with much better water than what comes out of the tap, you never have to worry about exposing the surface of the swimming pool or contaminating local water via storm drains because we only lose a minimal amount of water.