At Weber Pools, we strongly believe in providing you with the best possible equipment to operate your swimming pool. As an official Jandy warranty and service provider we feel that its longevity, name brand, durability, and product performance or just some of the reasons why we choose Jandy first when installing equipment to make your swimming pool function at its peak performance.

The following is a little bit about the history of Jandy…

“Jandy was established in 1958 by respected industry veteran Andrew L. Pansini, and has since grown into one of the most well-known pool product manufacturers in the country. In 2007 Jandy merged with Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. and continues to stand for the innovation and quality values on which it was founded. Today, Jandy’s premium, professional-­grade pool, and spa equipment includes a full line of pumps, filters, lights, valves, chlorinators, and the award-winning automation solutions to control it all. With everything its team designs and manufactures, Jandy’s focus is on enabling the perfect pool environment so pool owners can spend time enjoying their pool and spa, rather than maintaining it.”

There is more to maintaining a pool than just cleaning it. Our Dallas area swimming pool service company makes sure everything is accounted for. From cleaning and replacing filters to adjusting water levels, our team can ensure everything is running smoothly with your pool.

You will be happy that you have a relationship with Weber Pools when you end up needing pool repair in Dallas TX. Problems can emerge without warning. Many pool owners know how paralyzing a broken pump or heater can be. We can repair everything from your pump to filters, or other equipment because of our excellent relationship with Jandy!

We love the fact that Jandy has many different options to help every swimming pool owner including their energy efficient line. At Weber Pools we want you to be extremely satisfied with the equipment we install but we also want to make sure that you get the maximum life out of it. That’s why we chose Jandy and it’s the #1 reason why we know you will be extremely satisfied with anything from their energy efficient pumps, to their LED Lighting, to their filters, automation, pool heaters, valves, and other amazing accessories. If you’re in the need of residential or commercial swimming pool cleaning services, we can help you with it all. Give us a call today, to experience first hand the Weber Pools difference!