Pool Auto Fill Installation at Weber Pools

As a residential and commercial swimming pool owner do you still drag a hose out to your swimming pool to fill it up every couple of days? If you live in extremely hot climates it might even need to be done more than that! There are many things that Weber Pools can do to make your job easier and adding an auto-fill is one of them. We’ve heard a lot of swimming pool owners complain about dragging out the house, having to sit around waiting for it to fill up and even mention the dreaded, “what do I do when I’m on vacation?” Well, if you don’t want to bother your family, friends or even your next-door neighbor installing one today will definitely make your life easier!

They are relatively easy to install, they can save you time and prevent your water level from getting too low. They take a headache out of the worry about your water levels when you aren’t around and are relatively inexpensive to install. Here are some of the benefits of owning an auto-fill:

  • Water regulation is optimized through leveler systems
  • Wasted water is kept to a minimum
  • Because it is automatic, it diminishes the need to check water levels weekly
  • Works on its own
  • Leveler systems maximize water usage

Water loss can be detrimental to your pool once it becomes extreme (summer time). First, water loss can shift the balance of pool chemistry and ultimately affect the cleanliness and quality of your water. Additionally, water loss can cause damage to the rest of your pool equipment once it falls below the skimmer inlets and the air is sucked into the system. If this isn’t caught soon enough it can cause damage to your filtration equipment!

Automatic swimming pool water leveler systems are designed to automatically adjust the water level of swimming pools. A pool leveler is a great addition that protects your investment. You can either have one installed or some you can buy in the pool store. Either way, we highly recommend them for peace of mind and to protect your investment. To learn more about them and other installations Weber Pools can do to make your life easier, please click on the link below!