Cloudy Commercial Pool Water

Water Quality and Commercial Swimming Pools

If you frequent commercial swimming pools have you ever questioned the water you are swimming in? Have you ever thought about when the last time they changed it out, or if the water chemistry is balanced, or why the water is so cloudy? Depending on how busy the pool you are swimming in will always determine the water quality. Chances are, the larger number of bathers, the worse the water is. For example, chances are the water is worse at a high-end resort with numerous guests compared to an apartment pool but no matter the situation, water quality, and your safety should be yours and their number one concern.

Weber Pools is a Greater Dallas/Fort Worth pool service company that specializes in working with commercial properties. We work well with numerous management companies of some of the largest luxury developments in the DFW area. Weber Pools is familiar with the property management process, and we carry the current pool service licenses and insurances required by most commercial facilities. In addition, we are also aware of all the current and ever-changing health department swimming pool requirements and processes.

With this type of knowledge and experience, this has allowed us to not only take care of commercial swimming pools but also help them with their water quality. That’s why we want to highlight what happens at a high-end property with numerous bathers. If you are either at a water park or resort there are numerous factors that go into the clarity of the water. The following are a few of them:

  • Lotions
  • Suntan oils
  • Body Oils
  • Sweat
  • Hair Products
  • Makeup
  • Urine
  • Alcohol
  • Number of bathers
  • So much more

When this happens, it can cause the water to look extremely cloudy. The water might even look “old!” Typically, in water parks or high-end resorts, you are going to deal with the factor of urine because most people will not get out of the pool which can make your eyes burn. These factors, along with increasing levels of Calcium Hardness, Total Dissolved Solids, and Cyanuric Acid demand a water change. But do you really want to shut down your swimming pool?

The Puripool Process

At Weber Pools draining a pool isn’t necessary. The Puripool Process allows us to recycle your pool water onsite with Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration. This process will remove all of the above issues and bring your pool water back to life. You can even swim in the pool during filtration!

If you are curious to know how this service will benefit you, contact us today because not only will you see the difference in your water, but you will feel it too!