Puripool Process in Dallas

Lowering Calcium Hardness and TDS in Pools

We understand that most people might not be concerned about wasting thousands of gallons of water. Let’s face it, in the Dallas area our drought conditions have been lifted over the last couple of years, water conservation isn’t in the news like it was anymore, and with that said most people aren’t concerned about how they handle water like they were several years ago. But, you should be and if it’s time to drain your swimming pool we hope this blog post convinces you to at least think twice before you do it!

About five years ago, we met up with Pure Water Industries because we were extremely curious about The “Puripool Process!” It uses Reverse Osmosis (RO) mobile filtration to lower Calcium Hardness (CH), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), phosphates, Cyanuric Acid (CYA), waterborne diseases and so much more without draining the swimming pool. This is important because the interior finish of the swimming pool is never exposed, it can prevent the possibility of the cracking of plaster, floating of vinyl liners or pools popping out of the ground once the water weight has been removed and there’s zero downtime for the swimming pool!

In Dallas, our water is hard coming out of the tap. It’s roughly 300 parts per million (ppm) and as the water evaporates, the hardness minerals stay behind in solution, gradually build up in concentration, scale the tile, the interior finish, and decorative water features. Not to mention, it also builds up on the filtration equipment as well. Most people are aware of this problem because calcium scales their water features and shower heads in the house. Those might not be as expensive but think about the money you’ve put into your swimming pool. By using the “Puripool Process” our guarantee to you is to lower more than just the calcium levels and debris in your swimming pool. We want to give you the best water quality free of waterborne diseases, algae, body oils, suntan lotion, salt, etc. These are just a few and to get all of that out of the water we have to run your water through a complex series of pipes, tubes, vessels, and chambers. We have to neutralize the chlorine, introduce an anti-scalant, and run the water through an ultraviolet light to make sure it is as pure as it can be!

At Weber Pools we want you to swim in a safe swimming pool free of contaminants and we also want to give you a better product than a standard drain and refill. Our process takes 8-14 hours depending on the size of the pool instead of a couple of days to drain and refill it. The water we leave you with will be much lower in calcium hardness than the tap water in the Dallas area, you won’t have to worry about ruining the liner of your pool or it popping out of its foundation and you can swim in the pool the entire time!! So, call us today and learn about why recycling your swimming pool water is a much better idea to protect the lifespan of your investment!! Please keep in mind this process is good for both residential and commercial swimming pools!