Pool Service and Maintenance in Dallas

Let’s face it, owning a swimming pool is awesome but for some, taking care of it can be the exact opposite. It is now March, which means spring is in the air and swim season is just around the corner which means increased swim times, increased filter use, and increased problems if you aren’t prepared. What happens if your water turns green or cloudy? Are you prepared? If not, we are and we want to be the first company you think of for weekly pool service in Dallas. At Weber Pools, we have decades of experience in the industry. We are Certified Pool Operators that serve the greater Dallas / Fort Worth area. We are literally a one-stop shop for all your pool needs — whether that consists of pool cleaning, repair or general pool maintenance.

We offer the following services for your convenience:

  • Pool cleaning: Keeping a pool clean is a weekly fight. With our Dallas pool cleaning service, you do not have to devote so much of your time to this nagging chore. We offer a variety of packages to meet your budget.
  • Pool maintenance: There is more to maintaining a pool than just cleaning it. Our Dallas pool service makes sure everything is accounted for. From cleaning and replacing filters to adjusting water levels, our team can ensure everything is running smoothly with your pool.
  • Pool Repair: You will be happy that you have a relationship with Weber Pools when you end up needing pool repair in Dallas, Texas. Problems can emerge without warning. Many pool owners know how paralyzing a broken pump or heater can be. We can repair everything from your pump to chips in your pool deck.
  • Pool Remodels: Whether you are looking to refinish your pool, or do a complete remodel or addition, Weber Pools can help. We can put together and implement a plan from start to finish no matter the scope and size of the project! The following are just a few of the things we can do for you.
    • Outdoor Kitchen – no problem
    • Hot Tub – no problem
    • Cedar Arbor – no problem

As for pool cleaning, we understand that everyone’s needs and budget are different. That’s why we offer three different levels of service which you can find HERE! The consistency with our service options include the following:

  • Testing your pool water along with chemical balance to keep your water clear and in optimal condition
  • Showing up weekly to take care of your needs
  • Emptying the pool skimmer and pump baskets
  • Backwashing as necessary
  • Cleaning your automatic pool cleaner
  • Brushing the steps, benches, and interior finish of the swimming pool
  • Verifying that your pool cleaner is operational
  • Checking pool equipment for leaks
  • Making you aware of any issues that must be fixed

With our weekly pool service and maintenance, we guarantee to show up each week, clean the swimming pool and monitor all equipment for leaks. In addition to our basic level of service, we also offer a gold and platinum service as well. With these additional services, we vacuum your pool, clean your salt cell and so much more. The key with any of our services is to keep you satisfied, that you select what you want so you know what you will receive each week, that your swimming pool is clean and all equipment operating at peak condition. If you are looking to experience the Weber Pools Difference, which includes working with our clients directly in maintaining and servicing your pool and filters throughout the year then contact us today!