Removing Calcium Hardness From Pools in Dallas

Taking care of a swimming pool in the Dallas Ft. Worth area can be a little more challenging especially when dealing with high Calcium Hardness and TDS levels. Our tap water in the Dallas area is moderately hard and overtime leaving hard water in your swimming pool can cause various problems. These problems include calcium scaling to your water tile line, interior finish, filtration equipment, and salt chlorinator if you have one. This kind of damage to your equipment is not only hard to see but expensive to remove. So, our question to you is, what can you do to keep calcium levels low and your water looking great?

High calcium and TDS levels in a swimming pool can change the chemistry and make it more challenging to maintain a swimming pool. The simplest and easiest rule to remember is to change the water in the swimming pool every two to three years. When that time comes you can drain it and fill it up with our hard water from the tap or you can hire Weber Pools and utilize The Puripool Process. We have a mobile filtration system that not only conserves 85% of the water in the swimming pool but also gives you the best quality of water for your swimming pool. When the Puripool Process is complete it also makes taking care of a swimming pool much easier because it will be lower in Calcium Hardness, TDS, and Cyanuric Acid (CYA). In addition to that, The Puripool Process will also lower phosphates, nitrates, salts, and waterborne diseases.

Here is the before and after water chemistry of a swimming pool, we recently recycled.

Initial Chemistry:

Calcium Hardness – 960 ppm

TDS – 3850 ppm

CYA – 150 ppm

After we recycled the swimming pool using RO filtration we were able to lower the above water chemistry to the following:

Calcium Hardness – 140 ppm

TDS – 780 ppm

CYA – 30 ppm

Our guarantee for you is to provide you with better water than you would get out of the tap. In fact, you can drink the water that is returning to the pool! We also promise to lower your TDS and CYA levels which were high in this swimming pool and one of the main reasons why we were hired to perform the job. So, if your Calcium Hardness, TDS, or CYA levels are high please contact us today so we can recycle your pool water and make it easier to take care of it. As you can tell from the above water, you can’t get tap water as low in Calcium Hardness which makes our service superior. Please note, Weber Pools recycles both commercial and residential swimming pools and would love to talk to you about your pool today!