Shelf Mounted Reverse Osmosis Systems Now For Sale

For the last eight years, Weber Pools has been recycling pool water in the Dallas Ft. Worth area. The Puripool Process has successfully lowered Calcium Hardness, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Cyanuric Acid (CYA), and so much more without draining the swimming pool. Our mobile filtration trailer can come to your residential and commercial swimming pool to perform this service. However, when this process is complete, many of our customers will ask, “How do I continue to have RO water in my swimming pool?” The good news is you can and we have the solution……

Simply put, we treat the tap water because in the Dallas Ft. Worth area, our water is extremely hard and most people have said if we could treat that, then we would be in a much better situation.

As many of you know, we have been running around the Dallas area with our mobile filtration trailer utilizing Reverse Osmosis (RO) to lower Calcium Hardness (CH), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Cyanuric Acid (CYA), salt, and other hardness minerals from residential and commercial swimming pools. “The Puripool™ Process” not only conserves nearly 85% of the water already in the swimming pool but also leaves our customers with cleaner water in their pool than a typical drain and refill would. To date, this process has allowed us to conserve more than 40 million gallons of water!

The success of “The Puripool™ Process” has allowed us to create incredible water quality for so many residential and commercial swimming pool owners but we knew there was more to be done and that’s why we now want to introduce you to Fill Line RO Systems.

The Fill Line RO System offers a compact design that allows for easy access to components and occupies a minimum footprint. Perfect for light commercial use in all industries, the system offers reliable long-term quality water production in a compact package. Fill Line RO Systems are available in the small to mid-range model sizes of 400, 800, 1,200, and 1,500 gallons per day (GPD) product water output.

Standard Systems:

  • The frame is stainless steel
  • Membranes are thin-film composite
  • The pump is a positive displacement rotary vane pump
  • Vessels/Filter Housings  are stainless steel
  • Electrical is 110/220V 60Hz 1-phase
  • Valves are feed inlet solenoid valve
  • Switches are low-feed pressure cutout switch
  • Control systems are SS needle valve pressure control

Options and Accessories:

  • Product storage tanks
  • Atmospheric tank level controls
  • Re-pressurization system
  • UV treatment
  • Pre/post filters and treatment
  • Heavy-duty SS wall mounting brackets
  • Stainless steel pumps
  • Blend valve: Adds filtered water to permeate

Benefits of Fill Line Systems

  • A lower level of calcium and other hardness minerals coming into the swimming pool
  • Better water quality for all swimmers
  • Less chemical usage
  • Less hard water scaling

This system is best installed after completion of The Puripool Process because they only treat the incoming tap water. They aren’t large enough to filter the entire swimming pool but offer the benefit of keeping your hardness levels low and water quality high. To learn more please contact us today!