Following a season-based care routine does wonders to prolong the lifespan of your pool equipment and structural condition. But the actual task of keeping the pool clean requires a lot of work –– and not a lot of pool owners have the time to do this themselves. The need for specialty tools and skills to replace pool equipment and filters is also a point of concern to the conscientious pool owner.

As a result, pool owners could find themselves having to deal with bigger issues like structural damage and equipment malfunction. That’s why it’s best to set a routine check with professionals, like Weber Pools. We provide residential pool repair services to clients in Dallas, and we can make sure that your pool gets the maintenance and repair work it needs in a timely manner.

Here’s how we can keep your pool clean and maintain its structural integrity:

Stain Removal

Years of use can result in iron build-up on the surface of your pool. These stains can appear brownish or yellowish, depending on the mineral content in the pool water. Our team removes stubborn stains using the right chemicals and cleaning equipment and makes sure there’s no trace of these chemicals before filling your pool with water.

With proper water treatment, regular cleaning, and periodic water replacement, staining can be prevented. This will leave your pool looking new at all times.

Water Chlorination

Pool users can get recreational pool water illnesses like diarrhea, swimmer’s ear, and respiratory infection. These illnesses are common in households with pools and it takes the fun in using the pool away, especially for kids. As such, we provide regular water chlorination to prevent the growth of bacteria and other harmful germs that can cause or trigger these health problems.

Additionally, too much chlorine in the water can irritate the skin while too little will allow bacteria to multiply faster. Our team makes sure that the right level of chlorine is added to your pool water to make sure it’s safe for use.

Leak Detection and Crack Repair

To ensure that your pool maintains the right water level, we inspect your pool’s surface and check for cracks. Over time, the surface of the pool can develop small cracks due to changes in the substrate or the incorrect mixture for the plaster used.

It’s worth noting that surface cracks are not the same as structural cracks. The only way to determine which one is in your pool is by having a professional inspect it. Doing so ensures that you’re using the right solution and preventing the problem from branching out. The right treatment can prevent the cracks from worsening and prevent leaks from happening.

Let Us Help You

Staining, over or under chlorination, and surface cracks are typical problems that pool owners must keep an eye out for. Each of these problems requires different solutions and professional care, but it’ll be worth it as it will prolong the life of your pool and its equipment.

Weber Pools offers a strategic cleaning schedule to ensure that your pool is well-maintained all year round. Call us at 214-693-7005 or fill out a secure form here.Set featured image