The best way to improve your pool or to give an old one a new life is through remodeling. It not only improves its appearance but also its functionality by making it more kid-friendly, safe and relaxing.

If you wish to add new features like slides, spa areas, or fire pits, choose a reliable pool maintenance provider that won’t skimp on the services. Ensure the safety and quality of your pool remodel by hiring Weber Pools’ pool remodeling service.

Here are some renovation ideas you can consider for your pool:

Top 10 Reconstruction Tips For Your Pool

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  • Improvement or addition of spa area. A spa area will enhance the beauty of your swimming pool. It gives therapeutic benefits like enhanced circulation, better sleep, and muscle relaxation. You can have it attached or separate from the pool. An attached spa has a long lifespan, extends the pool area, and increases the property value. A separate spa area is more budget-friendly, easy to use, and portable. As long as it’s designed well, an attached or separate spa area will surely complement your pool and home, and can also create a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.
  • Creativity in choosing a shape. There are lots of swimming pool shapes to choose from. You can do the simple rectangular pool, or go creative with other shapes like figure 8, L-shaped, or geometric. You have to consider the space, size, and price in order to come up with the best shape for your pool.
  • Investment in good tiling. Quality tiles make your swimming pool more attractive. It’s highly durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean compared to pebbles. You can also have it customized by adding different colors, shapes, or patterns.
  • Addition of water feature. Water features will improve your swimming pool aesthetics and experience. Ensure that your water feature of choice complements your pool’s architectural style, budget, and personal taste. Some types include the fountain, waterfall, rain curtain, or spillover spa.
  • Addition of pool waterfalls. Rock waterfalls are an inviting and dramatic addition to your swimming pool. It can make anyone feel relaxed listening to the sound of flowing water.
  • Opting for a pool slide. This added feature will surely make everyone happy, especially the kids. When choosing a pool slide, ensure its safety by checking the load-bearing capability, ladders, and other safety regulations.
  • Choosing a good fire pit. A poolside fire pit is a great addition to your swimming pool aesthetically, and is perfect for keeping you and your guests warm after your swim. You can opt for above the ground, in ground, or a custom fire pit.
  • Adding a sun shelf. The sun shelf is a good area to cool off during the swim. There are various design options to choose from, like the addition of umbrellas, massage jets, tiling or lighting for a more attractive look.
  • Beautiful lighting. Swimming pools are more beautiful at night. Add eye-catching and colorful LED lights to make it more radiant and attractive.
  • Decking options. Pool decking provides a secure walking area and a place for lounging. It should feel pleasant beneath the feet, so the material is an important factor. You can opt for concrete, brick or wood depending on your preferences.

High-Quality Pool Remodeling Service

Weber Pools offers complete remodeling of your swimming pool, regardless of scope or size. You’ll get timely and cost-efficient services that will make your pool safe, fun, and clean.

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