One primary reason that homeowners get a pool is the boost to property value. Some experts agree: A pool can add value to the home by as much as 7% when it’s an in-ground pool. And the home value grows further when you have a pool in a community where residential pools are the norm.

This is a common trend that Weber Pools has noticed when performing residential pool services around Dallas neighborhoods. And it’s precisely why we offer services for custom pools and spas.

Modern Residential Pool Designs

If you’re thinking about installing a pool or creating a pool area in your home to boost value, consider integrating modern pool designs and trends. They make the property more inviting and luxurious, boosting curb appeal. And they’re more future-proof—they won’t go out of style after a while.

Modernist style

The modernist style of pools is similar to the traditional kidney-shaped residential pools. However, their shape is more freehand in design. It allows homeowners to create a more pond-like appearance.

It allows them to create a custom design for their pool, creating curves and rounded sides with more control. Homeowners can even use its freeform shape to carve out space for something like a poolside bar area.

Infinity pool

This type of pool design has been getting increasingly popular over the past decade. The borderless water is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the water while looking out at a stunning vista.

While this type of pool is most prevalent in commercial settings like hotels, homeowners living in areas with wide horizons or at a hillside can utilize it. It’s a great way to combine both a pool and a waterfall, modernizing your garden area.

long lap pool

Long Lap Pool

Most people may think that the standard pool rectangle is hardly creative. Making it unusually longer and narrower, however, creates a modernist effect. It’s ideal for creating a lap pool, which is primarily used for exercise. The shape also makes it suitable for creating an indoor pool area bracketed by glass walls.

It also creates a dramatic effect when placed as a centerpiece to a grassy backyard. It looks like a pond that you can also swim in, making it ideal for oriental-inspired décor.

Two-Level Pool

Homeowners who want hot tubs alongside their pools can also try this option. An elevated cement platform is created right up against the pool, and the platform is where the hot tub is located. The tub would be overlooking the wider pool area. Often, people add a waterfall effect, which gives the pool area a more luxurious appearance.

It adds height and is an innovative touch to a backyard. It’s also a great way to create two seemingly separate pool areas, joined by a water feature like a fountain or waterfall.

Maintaining Your Residential Pool

Modern pools may need more specialized care compared to traditional pools. Two-level pools with a hot tub on the topside, for example, require different cleaning and treatment methods that respond to different temperatures.

An infinity pool also needs different kinds of maintenance methods as the water flows from the pool, over the sides, and then down to the waterfall drain. And pools with water features like a lazy river, a fountain, and similar add-ons will need more regular maintenance to prevent the buildup of algae and microbes.

It’s always best to consult with specialists regarding the design, installation, and creation of your residential pool. Contact us at Weber Pools to gain insight from our specialists that can help you decide about pool design, create a maintenance plan, and bring your vision to life.