Spring for 2022 is officially expected by March 20, but many pool care specialists recommend opening your pool early. This means that around the first half of March, you can begin preparations to open your pool for spring and start the procedures of reopening a pool correctly.

Benefits of Early Spring Reopening

For Weber Pools, opening your pool early has more advantages for pool owners. While most pool owners tend to hold off on reopening, our pool service professionals from Dallas explain that reopening your pool early is better for everyone. 

It allows you or your pool maintenance specialists to get ahead of the accumulated algae on your pool, you prevent the buildup of pollen in the pool, and you have plenty of time to repair any damages that had occurred during winter. And given that this winter in Texas was far colder than usual, there might be an increased likelihood of damage, such as cracked tiles.

Reopening a Pool for Spring

Remove the pool cover

First, inspect the pool cover. Drain any accumulated water or condensation that had gathered on it, and brush away as much of the debris as possible so they don’t fall into the pool during removal. Once you’ve cleared the cover, carefully remove it from your pool.

It’s important not to put it away until it’s completely dry. Dry it off in the sun before rolling it up and putting it away for next winter.

Check your water

Visually confirm the color of the pool. If your pool looks green or cloudy, it indicates that algae and microbes have accumulated over the winter months while it’s been covered. Murky water may also mean the change in the pool’s chemistry from the dissolved winterizing chemicals, having been stagnant for months. 

man cleaning a pool

You can determine the pool’s chemistry levels through a pool test kit, or you can hire a professional to do it. If your pool’s chemistry has become severely imbalanced, it’s time to get the water cleaned and retreated. However, if your pool water still looks relatively safe, you can start refilling.

Reconnect the equipment

Bring out the pool parts that you’ve put in storage over winter. These include your pool accessories, filters, and pumps. Before putting everything back in, remove your pool’s expansion plugs, designed to protect the pool from expanding water. 

Reconnect all the accessories and equipment, and start cycling the water again as you bring the water level back to normal. Remember to cycle the water and run it through the filter for six to eight hours. This way, you can ensure that as much of the substrates and other small foreign material that may be in your pool water gets filtered out. 

Consult with Professional Pool Maintenance Specialists

Treating and correcting your pool balance to make it safe to swim in by springtime is best left to professionals who have treated pools for years. They have the knowledge and the equipment to correctly rebalance your pool to the correct pH levels and ensure it is clean.

Weber Pools can perform the whole process of reopening your pool for spring after a long winter. Cleaning, maintenance, and pool treatment are part of our expert team’s list of specialties. Contact us today and book an appointment to have your pool reopened and ready for a swim when you need it.