Installing a pool can be costly, with some in-ground designs costing as much as $65,000. For homeowners, it is essential that pools be installed correctly. However, not all installations are performed equally. Some are performed poorly, leading to severe consequences.

In this article, Weber Pools, commercial pool repair experts in Dallas, share five telltale signs that your pool was not installed correctly and what you should do about it.

The pool is uneven

If your pool is not installed evenly, it can be hazardous. That is because the water will not be distributed evenly. That will lead people to slip and fall. To determine if your pool is uneven, try looking at your pool from above.

Having a birds-eye view should make it easier for you to determine whether the pool is uneven. Another great way to check the level of the pool is to look at the water level concerning the horizontal grout line around the edge of the pool.

There is a large gap between the pool and the deck

If there is a large gap between the pool and the deck, it can be hazardous. That’s because people can easily fall into the gap and get injured. It could also be a tripping hazard. You must check the edge of the pool and deck.

If there’s ample space between them, that’s a telltale sign the pool was not installed correctly.

The liner is not taut

If the liner is not taut, there is too much slack in the pool. That can cause the liner to tear or come loose from the pool wall. If left ignored, this could also lead to the water seeping out of the pool and even hazardous to pool users.

Check the liner for any wrinkles or slack. If you see any, the pool was not installed correctly. That is especially true if the pool liner is brand new.

There is water seeping out from the pool wall

If you see water seeping out from the pool wall, this is a sign that there is a leak in the pool and that water is seeping out. That could be bad because the water is not being held in the pool and can cause the water level to drop. That can be hazardous for swimmers and can also damage the pool liner.

If you see water seeping out, you should contact a professional to fix the problem. Do not fix it yourself, as you could make the situation worse.

The deck is rotting, or there is moisture accumulation

If the deck is rotting, the wood has been damaged by water. That can be a sign of a leak in the pool. If there is moisture accumulation, there is too much moisture in the area, and it could be a sign of a leak as well.

If you experience these issues, the pool was not correctly installed. The improper installation may have led to various leaks causing rot and moisture issues.

Have Your Pool Repaired


Swimming in a pool that was not installed properly can lead to accidents and injuries. Ensure to inspect your pool before swimming in it, and look for any of the signs above.

Don’t try to fix the pool yourself, as you could worsen the problem. If you notice any of these issues, you should contact a professional to have your pool fixed as soon as you can.

Weber Pools is a certified pool operator who provides clients with reliable pool maintenance and repair services. If you notice any of the issues listed in this article, contact us today to offer our services.