The average repair cost of a small leak in an in-ground pool can range from $300 to $500, while more significant leaks can cost as much as $600 to $1,400 to fix. The price may seem steep, but it’s essential to get repairs done as soon as possible. Otherwise, the leak will worsen, causing further damage to not just the pool’s foundation but also your home’s foundation.

Weber Pools has performed residential pool repair in Dallas and surrounding areas for years, and we’ve seen our share of leaking pools. Every now and then, we encounter a pool had leaked for so long that it started to cause significant damage to the foundation below. 

How to Know if a Pool Leak Has Damaged the Foundation

Cracks in the pool

Pool foundation damage is somewhat distinct, so check in and around the in-ground pool for cracks. Large ones are likely to be structural cracks, indicating damage through the pool shell and concrete. Meanwhile, surface cracks—so-called because they occur on the plaster or tile surface—are unlikely to be structural issues. They can be addressed through maintenance or minor repair.

Uneven pavement or paving

Another method is to observe the paving around the swimming pool. Look for any signs of rising or sinking below the surface. This could reveal that the pool’s water has seeped so far down that the soil has begun to erode, leading to uneven paving.

Heavily damp or sopping soil, or too much moisture on the ground

Finally, seek out changes in moisture. Heavy leakage of pool water means that a severe leak has occurred. And with a severe leak comes a very large crack. The leak could be from the pool itself or underground plumbing around the pool. 

The Dangers

Soil erosion

A pool with a damaged foundation will cause the soil to expand or contract. As the ground becomes oversaturated with water, soil erodes. If not immediately detected or addressed, it will expand towards the house’s foundations. At this point, the home and the pool’s foundations will likely start to get damaged and shift. 

Ground collapse

Leaking water is one of the most common causes of sinkholes. With the soil heavily eroded, the ground can form a sinkhole, collapsing within itself, taking with it anything on its surface—the pool, lawn furniture, vehicles, even people. 

Backfill issues

Because the soil is no longer compacted around the pool, it washes out because of the leaks. The pool no longer has adequate support on all sides. Think of it as a bucket buried in the sand at the beach. The water washes out the sand around the bucket as the waves go around it, leaving the sides exposed and unsupported. The same thing will happen here, leading to additional leaks.

Repair Small Leaks Before They Become Big Ones

When you find the indicators of a leak or a crack in your pool, address it immediately. Contact a professional to repair the problem as soon as possible, before the soil and foundation around the pool become affected.

Weber Pools has maintained and repaired pools in Dallas for years. Our expert technicians are on hand to inspect your residential pool and fix any issues they find. Contact us today to book an appointment or see the repair services we offer.