Homeowners typically pay between $4,500 to $15,000 on a pool remodeling project. The price varies depending on the complexity of the change and the features to be added or upgraded. Much like the poo’s initial installation, pool remodeling is a significant investment. Before you commit to it, it’s best to consider all the conditions.

Weber Pools remodels residential and commercial pools and performs pool maintenance throughout Dallas and other Texas cities. New and current clients often ask our team about our remodeling services. When asking for quotes, some homeowners are unsure of some crucial conditions that warrant a pool remodel. 

Before making this investment, consider the current condition of your pool, your home, and what you want the upgrade to look like.

Do you have enough room?

For example, you want to remodel your pool to be larger or have more features, such as an adjoining hot tub. A pool expansion is more than simply “pushing the walls back” a little further from where they currently are. 

A site plan may reveal that new structures or foundations may need to be built. Furthermore, it may require changes to the electrical system powering the lights, your pool pumps, filters, and pipes. Consider whether you have the space for all of these changes first.

When are the expected start and endpoints of the job?

Perhaps you want your pool remodeled for an event, such as a backyard wedding or a large party. Maybe you just want an additional waterslide or waterfall ready by the summer. Pool remodeling projects may take longer than you expect.

Always allow for an ample amount of time before your remodeling deadline. For example, if you want your pool ready for use by spring and summer, you can’t have it remodeled too close to those months. This is with the spring rush in consideration when contractors are busiest.

Instead, have the remodeling done during fall or winter when the pool won’t be in use, and there is more time for contractors to work on it.

splashing the pool

Will you and your household be fine with the disruption?

Renovations take a lot of construction work, noise, and debris. Consider if your home or property can handle that level of construction or if your family finds it acceptable to live in the construction chaos for a while. 

Remember that the construction job at full flow means lots of moving parts, equipment, tools, and materials lying around where they can get in the way of daily life. If you’re willing to live with the mess or will be away from the property for a while, you can schedule the renovations.

Are you hiring a reputable contractor with a warranty?

To ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth with this renovation:

  1. Look into the reputation of the contractor you plan to hire.
  2. Look at their track record in renovations and read reviews from previous clients.
  3. Ask the contractor if their renovations come with a warranty.

This ensures that your investment is protected from a sub-par pool renovation.

Weber Pools has been a leading and trusted contractor for pool renovation and maintenance throughout Dallas. Our specialists can help guide you in determining the optimal upgrades to your pool according to your property’s specifics. Contact us today to get a quote or read more about our services.