Commercial pools are an excellent addition to any leisure and resort facility, but the overall cost of building and maintenance can be exorbitant. The average yearly cost of a standard commercial pool’s upkeep can be anywhere from $3,000 to $5,995 a year. This number may increase to as much as $107,600 annually, depending on the size of the pool, the features (such as an infinity pool or a waterfall), and other add-ons.

Weber Pools has performed weekly pool services for Dallas and Fort Worth establishments with various commercial pools sizes and types. A common topic of discussion is the overall cost of maintenance apart from the weekly pool services. Running a commercial pool involves regular chemistry corrections, filter cleaning, repairs, electricity, and more. But there are also many methods available to commercial pool owners to reduce these costs.

Installing a Solar Thermal System

Having a heated pool or spa interests customers as they can enjoy the pool and the jacuzzi even during the cold months. However, running a heater on a large commercial pool requires a significant amount of energy, which can cause the operating costs to add up quickly.

Utilizing a solar thermal system allows businesses to reduce heating costs, as they’re much more energy-efficient than a conventional electric system. Solar panels can generate enough energy to charge a battery and help keep the pool warm.

Installing a Water Recycling Plant

A water recycling system can save up to 95% of the water and the chemical treatment in a pool as the pool water gets filtered. It also returns the water for use and keeps the overall pH balance as ideal as possible.

An automatic pool balancing system can also help maintain the pool’s pH balance and chemical treatment if necessary. This is especially useful if you have a pool used regularly by many people.

man cleaning a pool

Use LED Lighting

Waterproofed LED lights can withstand underwater pressure, and it costs far less electricity to light them than standard bulbs. Blending the LED lights can keep your pool illuminated brightly at night without increasing energy costs.

Some establishments go further by implementing pool hours that limit pool usage in the late-night hours around midnight when the lights are switched off, and patrons are no longer allowed to use the pool. This saves even more energy costs as the pool filter and lights are not operating 24 hours a day.

Install a Drainage Channel

A pre-filter and a drainage channel help reduce the backwash in the pool. Backwash in a commercial pool requires a significant amount of water, while splashing further increases the amount of water needed to keep the pool full.

By installing a drainage channel, the pool can recover water. And when a business installs a pre-filter between the main filter and the pump, the water remains clean, saving a significant amount of water. This reduces the overall cost.

Use Professional Maintenance Services

A weekly scheduled pool maintenance service ensures that the pool is always in its best condition. You save time and money as you won’t have to rebalance the pool chemicals, address any issues, and check whether repairs are required. Filters will also be cleaned or replaced as needed.

Weber Pools offers various maintenance services for residential and commercial pools, with numerous service options. We can work on a schedule that you are most comfortable with and provide the services that your commercial pool needs. Contact us today for a quote.