Even though 2020 brought a 10% price decrease for building inground pools, the remodeling price still ranges between $5,000 to $50,000. So, instead of letting your pool get to the point of no return, you may want to take care of its components before they become too damaged to repair or replace. 

If you’re unsure whether you should repair or replace your pool components, you can reach out to our pool repair professionals in Dallas, TX, and get an evaluation from Weber Pools. 

Most Common Swimming Pool Repairs

All things have expiration dates, and pool elements are no exceptions. You will notice if there’s something off by observing the functions of your swimming pool’s pumps, skimmers, and coping stones.

Minor issues may be solvable by repairing the faulty parts, while others may require greater attention or a direct replacement. Here’s what to consider for your pool repairs or replacements.

Water Pumps

The pump is an essential feature of your swimming pool, as it keeps the water clean. The most common water pump issue involves the bearings. You can tell if they’re worn out by the sound they make. Rest assured, this is an inexpensive repair.

The next thing to look out for in pumps is the impeller. If it malfunctions but is not broken, the chances are you can repair it.

Last comes the motor, which is the most expensive part that needs proper maintenance. You will need to replace it in case of overheating. In all other cases, it may be fixable. 

Swimming pool

Swimming Pool Skimmers

Skimmers are where all the pool residues go, and they’re usually built-in. As convenient as this is for cleaning purposes, it may cause maintenance trouble. 

The simplest issue is a clogged skimmer. In such cases, you could use a plumber’s snake, and if successful, you’re good to go. But if you notice a leaking skimmer, it’s time to add some silicone rubber and call a professional. Also, cracked lids can cause injuries, so change them right away.

Cracks & Pop-Ups

Cracks can occur in both gunite and concrete swimming pools. A minor hole can be an easy fix, as resurfacing will do. However, if it reaches the base, you will need a helping hand. The same thing goes for hollow sports. 

On the other hand, pop-ups are a severe issue. If you notice even the slightest change in your pool’s position, or you feel like it’s popping off the ground, you should call a professional service as soon as possible. 

Schedule Pool Repairs in Dallas, TX 

Pools provide unmatched entertainment, but they also require regular maintenance. Observe whether your pool components need a repair or a replacement, then consult a professional immediately. 

If your pool is waiting on a fix, but you’re unsure of how to proceed, Weber Pools is here to help. We have a professional team at bay and a longstanding reputation in the pool maintenance industry. 

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