Of all the pools in the US, less than 3% are commercial, making the remaining 97% residential swimming pools. In other words, most of them are pools that the owners would need to take care of and maintain. 

One of the main problems that pool owners usually face are bugs flying around or floating on the water’s surface. If you’re having the same problem, keep reading to find out how to get rid of pool bugs and when to call pool services in Dallas if things go far enough!

Bugs That Usually Appear Near Pools

Before going in-depth on how to remove and keep bugs away from your home pool, it may be helpful to discuss the types of bugs that usually appear around pools. The most common ones are mosquitoes, water boatmen, and backswimmers. Some of these bugs are known for biting humans, so the inconvenience goes beyond just dirtying the pool or annoyingly buzzing around your head.

Rely on Bug Traps

One of the easiest ways to reduce the number of bugs around your pool is to set one or several types of bug traps. These can either get them stuck, poisoned, or electrocuted. Depending on how big your bug problem is, you can set more traps if needed. You can successfully reduce the number of bugs, but most of the time, you won’t be able to get rid of all the bugs in the vicinity.

Get a Pool Cover

This is why you can try installing a pool cover to protect your pool’s surface when you’re not using it. For instance, you can cover it at night or when you’re away. The less your pool is exposed, the fewer bugs you’ll find swimming around in your pool.

A Zapper Can Do the Trick

Similar to regular bug traps are bug zappers. Zappers have lights that attract bugs at night; once the pests get too near, they simply get obliterated. Zappers are very useful, but they won’t eliminate all bugs and may, in addition, attract some extra ones with their light source. 

Curtains or Screens May Keep the Bugs Away

If your space allows it, you can fully surround the area of your backyard where the pool is located with screens or porch curtains. True, your pool won’t be as open as before, but you’ll essentially have almost full control of what enters and leaves the area, significantly reducing the bug problem.

Get a Misting System 

Misting systems are an even more efficient version of bug traps and zappers, and if used in coordination, they can completely clear a pool area of intruders. Essentially, these sprays emit bug repellent whenever they register a flying entity. Some do it periodically, preventing bugs from coming in the first place.

Regulate Chlorine Levels

One of the purposes of chlorine in pools is to kill dangerous germs and bacteria. By ensuring that your chlorine levels are constantly regulated, you’ll guarantee that if bugs enter the water, they won’t survive. 

Of course, this doesn’t help you eliminate bugs as you’ll have to “fish” them out of the water, but at least you’ll know your pool is germs and bacteria-free. 

Maintain Your Pool With Good Pool Services in Dallas

Finally, you can always ask for professional help, so long as you’re stationed in Dallas or Fort Worth, and contact Weber Pools. Our pool maintenance teams are always here to solve any issues you may have with your pool. Contact us, and we’ll remove all traces of insects for you!