Seeing how there are almost 10.6 million swimming pools in the US, with 50.6% of them being in-ground, it’s safe to assume that they’re slowly becoming one of the most popular home accessories you can get. For many Texans, pools can provide lots of fun and increase their property’s value.

Yet, getting a new in-ground pool or considering pool remodeling services in Dallas can be complicated. Keep reading to understand more about in-ground pools and decide on the type of in-ground pool that’d suit your needs most!

Vinyl In-Ground Pools

Vinyl or vinyl liner pools are some of the most affordable alternatives that present both a versatile and a nice-looking option for an in-ground pool. The vinyl lining can be modeled in almost any shape, form, or size you want and be fitted in your yard. The bottom part is usually built on top of several layers of sand; they’re quite flexible and won’t crack very easily. 

On the other hand, vinyl pools can look somewhat cheap, and the vinyl polymer itself can be worn down over time, warranting a replacement.

Fiberglass In-Ground Pools

The second alternative is fiberglass, which also stands out for being relatively cheap and, what’s more, unbelievably fast to install. Fiberglass pools are usually shaped off-ground, and once finished, they’re simply brought to your home and fitted onto the opening. You can have your pool ready in a matter of days!

Moreover, due to fiberglass being smooth and non-porous, these pools are easier to maintain, as it takes a lot more time for algae to develop. The main disadvantages are that you’d be limited in terms of shape, and you’ll have to consider transporting the pool to your home, especially if it’s quite big.

Optimum Semi-In-Ground Pools

The case is similar to optimum pools, which are halfway between in-ground and above-ground pools. These are usually made from aluminum and stainless steel, and can be cheap to construct yet durable in the long run. 

However, as they’re somewhere between above-ground and in-ground, they can be quite limiting in terms of space, size, and overall shape. Of course, if you insist on getting an in-ground pool, optimum is automatically out of consideration.

Gunite or Concrete In-Ground Pools

The most well-known alternative is concrete or gunite in-ground pools. These are made to be durable and can be as big as you want, in as personalized shape or form as you can think of. Customized additions such as steps, glass or rock details, and waterfalls can be added. 

Gunite pools significantly increase the value of your property. However, apart from being costly, they can be prone to developing algae relatively quickly due to the materials being porous. They can also be a bit rough on the feet because they’re made from concrete.

Get Pool Remodeling Service and Maintenance in Dallas 

Because of this, you’d ideally want to schedule pool maintenance and pool remodeling in Dallas to help you install and look after this addition to your home. If so, look no further than our very own Weber Pools!

We’re a call away from cleaning your pool, checking for issues, and administering routine maintenance. So long as you live in Dallas or Fort Worth, all you need to do is contact us, and we’ll be at your door!