Swimming in clear pool water is refreshing during the hot summer days. Private pool owners can maintain the water crystal clear, but what happens in commercial pools? Water in commercial pools tends to get dirty quickly due to frequent use. Luckily, commercial pool cleaning services can always help.

Contaminated pool water will dampen the fun and present a possible health threat to swimmers. For example, E.Coli (STEC) infection is a harmful pathogen that causes gastrointestinal distress. Commercial pool cleaning and maintenance is, therefore, crucial to protect guests from E.Coli infection and other health risks. Here is how a professional cleaning service of your commercial pool can save the day. 

High Maintenance Responsibilities

Pool maintenance is essential, whether it’s a residential or commercial pool. The slight difference is that commercial pools require around-the-clock attention and regular upkeep, creating more responsibility for professional service cleaners. The health and safety of numerous swimmers are in the hands of the cleaning service you hire. They must ensure the pool is clean, hygienic, and free of possible health threats. 

Proper Pool Maintenance

Be sure that commercial pool visitors are safe and offer them a good customer experience. Be sure that the commercial property is following these cleaning and maintenance steps.

Routine Water Testing

Balance is the key to safe and clean pool water. Regular pH and chlorine testing should be performed to ensure safe and balanced pool chemistry. Cleaning services must follow health department codes to ensure relevant water testing. Daily and monthly tests are mandatory and must be done accordingly. 

Acid, alkali, and pH testings must be performed daily along with a complete water analysis, total bromine residual, and free chlorine residual. The monthly testing of the pool water includes checking for iron, calcium hardness, copper, and total alkalinity. 


Commercial pools have a higher frequency of swimmers, which can cause thriving bacteria in the pool water. An unbalanced sanitizer level can make swimmers ill. On the other hand, going overboard with sanitizers can damage the pool equipment, and swimmers may experience skin and eye irritation. 

Regularly checking the sanitizer balance keeps swimmers safe while protecting the pool surface and equipment. 

Pool Filtration

Continuous use of the pool by numerous swimmers means frequent and thorough pool water filtration. This puts a lot of burden on the pump, filters, and the whole sanitary equipment. Filtration of commercial pools can clog filters, presenting a potential threat to the entire filtration system. Regular cleaning of the filters will help maintain the filtration system and prevent the need for high quantities of sanitizers. 

Pool Draining

People using commercial pools leave behind bacteria and other contaminants that can multiply easily and stick to the pool’s walls. Deep pool cleaning, brushing, and maintenance of the pool equipment are required regularly. Commercial pools also need occasional draining to mend the balance of chemicals used. 

There are specific methods to how the pool draining is done, making the whole process easier and faster. Commercial pools must have professional teams do this properly to keep the pool users safe and protect the swimmers’ health. 

The Best Commercial Pool Cleaning Services in Dallas 

When dealing with complex ecosystems like pools, hiring licensed and certified technicians and operators can ensure reliable results. Weber Pools is a company that specializes in commercial properties and offers the finest commercial pool cleaning services in the Dallas area.

We ensure your guests feel safe by keeping utmost pool sanitization, cleaning the filtration system, and maintaining the overall equipment.

Our services also include commercial and residential pool repair and remodeling. If your commercial property is in the Dallas or Fort Worth and Plano areas, contact us and get your quote today.