Did you know that the US swimming pool construction market accumulated $10B in 2021? Naturally, an industry of this size offers different swimming pool sizes and the most eye-catching shapes you can imagine. 

Installing a new swimming pool requires careful planning and lots of decision-making. Choosing the right shape and position requires your undivided attention. 

New pool builds Dallas with custom designs are perfect for those with particular tastes and space availability. Here, we take a glance at some standard shapes used by many pool builders. 

Rectangle-Shaped or Lap Pool

With a standard and clean-cut design with 90-degree corners, this familiar shape is the perfect choice for those who love swimming. They are suitable for most backyards, and rounded corners can soften their appearance. 

This standard shape pool is among the most expensive because of the perimeter footage. The hard-to-reach spots make them a challenge for maintenance and cleaning. 

Kidney-Shaped Pool

The kidney-shaped pool was prevalent in the 1960s. It is a preferred shape among pool owners because it’s quite versatile and easy on the wallet. 

With approximately 30 feet in width and 40 feet in length, it has less perimeter and more square footage. You can use the indent point on one side of the pool for a pool bench or other type of suitable decor. 

Because it lacks sharp corners, it’s an excellent option for creating deeper and shallow areas. 

Circular-Shaped Pool

This is the most classic shape, which is sometimes the best to use. However, remember that installation requires a lot of space. 

Homeowners favor circular pools because of their association with a desert oasis. 

You can install one circle pool or take it up a notch and install two circular pools of different sizes. They can intersect and be built on different levels for a more modern look. 

The smaller pool can be used as a hot tub because it is easier to heat due to the size. Another option is to use it as a pool for young children. 

Roman-Shaped Pool

The Roman-shaped pool is in the form of a rectangle with a half-circle on both ends. This shape gives the swimming pool area a more upscale look. 

The aesthetic look is the primary reason why it’s a common choice, but also because of the practical half-circles. This space is ideal for a water-based sitting area. 

L-Shaped Pool

L-shaped pools are intended for all types of activities and ages. The shapes include a rectangular or lap pool with an additional smaller square extending from the main section.

It’s a great shape to be used for swimming and diving while children play in the foot area. The form allows for a natural gradual slope and can be a blast for the whole family.

Freeform Pool

If you have a particular taste or requirements and want something custom-made, then a freeform pool is your perfect choice. Use your imagination and work with a professional to ensure you can cover all aspects of imagining a unique pool design. 

Where to Find the Best New Pool Builds Dallas Offers?

The shape of the pool gives the backyard a sophisticated and stylish look, but it should also be practical. 

When building a new pool, owners tend to disregard its cleaning and maintenance. You can contact new pool builds Dallas offers regarding any repair, cleaning, and maintenance issues.

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