Homeowners considering owning a swimming pool should first learn how to extend and maintain its longevity. Having a pool is an investment, so taking the time and effort for care and maintenance is the best way to see it last for a while.

All of the 220,000+ pools in the Dallas area require a weekly pool service Dallas offers to ensure their pool remains in pristine condition.

Continue reading our recommendations on pool maintenance and how to make your pool last longer. Should you need professional pool services, we have an option for that, too.

The Three C’s Go a Long Way

Maintaining your pool starts with understanding how it works and what it requires to remain in good condition. By performing regular checkups, cleaning, and skimming, you will be stepping up to ensure you enjoy your swimming sessions for a long time.

Understanding the basics of your pool’s MO is the first thing that’ll get you closer to keeping your pool in pristine shape. Cleaning, chemistry, and circulation are the three C’s of pool maintenance.

Cleaning Your Pool

As simple as it may sound, cleaning your pool is essential to keeping it up and running and lasting longer. You won’t need fancy equipment to clean your pool – a net skimmer, a pool brush, and a pool vacuum will suffice.

Everyone using the pool can contaminate the water by leaving shampoo, perfume residue, and body lotion stains. Coupled with debris, twigs, and leaves, the human factor rendering your pool filthy is a clear enough sign to clean your pool.

Ensuring Proper Water Circulation

Circulating pool water translates to a cleaner and safer swimming environment. If your pool’s circulation process works as it should, your pool will be less prone to algae and bacteria buildup. 

Besides, proper water circulation keeps your water clear and clean while prolonging your pool’s life.

To ensure the pool water keeps circulating, keep the water pump and filtering system running daily. If you think you won’t be able to maintain proper water circulation, you can always sign up for weekly pool service in Dallas and leave the matter in the hands of pros.

Keeping the Water Chemistry in Check

A well-balanced chemistry composition in your pool water is essential for the safety of your pool. Chemically balanced pool water ensures its longevity.

In essence, you should be wary of three things when it comes to pool water chemistry:

  • pH levels;
  • Alkalinity;
  • Sanitizer levels.

Each of the three can contribute to good or bad chemistry standing. To make sure your pool water chemistry stays in range, you can perform a simple test that’ll reveal the pH levels, the number of alkalines in the water, and how much sanitizer there is or should be.

Weekly Pool Service Dallas: What to Know

To ensure their pool is all nice and clean and all of the equipment works as it should, pool owners should perform weekly inspections that include cleaning, checking the heater, and testing the chemical levels in the water.

We at Weber Pools offer superb weekly pool service in Dallas to ensure your pool is in tip-top shape. Besides weekly pool services, we’re your go-to pool service provider in Dallas for pool remodeling and repair while getting you the best pool service deals in the area.

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