t can get scorching in Dallas, with average temperatures of 88ºF to 96ºF from June to September. You could be at risk of heat exhaustion or even heatstroke if you don’t take measures to cool down.

You may find it difficult to stay physically active. In that case, you should consider getting residential pool services in Dallas and install a freeform swimming pool to exercise while keeping yourself cool.

Traditional pools are rectangular and symmetrical. They have a more conventional and formal look.

In contrast, freeform pools have asymmetrical shapes. Contractors design them to blend in with your space and have a naturalistic feel, with curves and flowing lines. Many contemporary designs feature rock and waterfall features so they resemble ponds or oases.


Freeform pools are suitable for spaces with more natural aesthetics and extensive landscaping. You can design them to fit in with your backyard or to work well with the view.

You should also consider how close your planned swimming pool area is to your home and whether a freeform design would suit its architecture.

Does your residence have a modern design featuring straight lines, rectangular windows, a squared roofline, and industrial-looking colors? If so, you may be better off with a traditional pool. However, a freeform pool would be a better choice for homes with curvatures and a rustic feel.

If your pool is 50 yards or farther away, your home’s architecture likely isn’t a deciding factor.


Freeform pools are best used for recreational purposes. They’re not necessarily less practical than traditional pools. However, a rectangular one would be better for you if your goal is to swim laps and improve your swim times.

A freeform pool would better accommodate your needs if you want to have a pleasant time with your loved ones, play games, or get a tan. Remember that the bigger your family, the larger your pool will have to be.


swimming pool construction

Builders often make freeform pools with concrete or vinyl. They excavate a hole shape in the ground and install a framework. They then pour concrete to fill it and create any shape, size, or configuration.


There’s practically no difference between traditional and freeform pools in terms of maintenance. They use the same systems, requiring the same equipment and water balancing. The design has little to no impact on cleanliness.

However, you may have a bit more trouble performing weekly scrubbing on a freeform pool due to the curves. Irregularly shaped elements such as large rocks may also make it more challenging.


Freeform pools seem more expensive than traditional pools due to their design. They give the impression that they take more work to build or require more experienced contractors.

Fortunately, both types of pools cost the same, averaging $35,000.

It might take slightly longer to build a freeform pool. However, this is only because contractors need extra time to ensure the radii of its irregular shapes line up and are precise.

The things that can make one type more expensive than the other are the accessories. For example, you can get an automatic cover for a traditional pool. Meanwhile, freeform pools lend themselves well to more benches and tanning ledges.

Residential Pool Services in Dallas

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