If you’re a pool owner, you know the volume of work that goes into maintaining a pool in pristine condition.

From performing regular cleaning sessions to shock treatments, keeping your pool safe and clean is the number 1 priority for every pool owner, no matter the type. 

Sticking to an efficient pool-cleaning routine will help you ensure the water is safe for swimming. And, it can prove to be a cost-efficient method for expanding the pool’s lifespan. In Dallas alone, there are over 220,000 pools and spas, which further emphasizes the need for making them last. 

Read on as we explore the best ways to expand the lifecycle of your pool and where to find the best residential pool services in Dallas!

Pool cleaning

Residential Pools Need Special Care

There’s a difference in treating residential and commercial pools. For instance, residential pools are smaller and require altered measurements of chemicals. At the same time, commercial pools are somewhat larger are use different ratios of chemicals. To make sure your residential pool stays nice and clean, you can always turn to a professional provider.

Shock Treatments are Your Pools BFFs

Shock-treating your pool means adding chemicals to clean it, typically chlorine. This helps you get rid of algae, bacteria, and other hazardous pathogens. Shock treatments for your pool are required if there’s an increase in using the pool. For example, if you had a pool party and your guests were using the pool, doing a quick shock treatment the next day is advised. With it, you ensure the levels of chemicals are restored to the optimal balance.

Tend to Malfunctions

If a piece of your pool’s equipment isn’t working as it should be, ensure you inspect it at once. If anything has been damaged, repair or replace it as soon as possible. Yes, we often forget to deal with faulty pool gear and postpone repairs but your swimming pool is a system of interoperable equipment. And once a piece of it breaks down, the whole system is thrown off leading to messed-up chemistry levels and impeded water flow. 

For example, if the water filter in your pool isn’t working anymore, you’ll notice the pool water is chemically imbalanced, discolored, and full of grout. This issue can also cause damage to the motor, which is a pricy repair we might add.

Cover Your Pool When Not in Use

The simple task of covering the pool whenever you aren’t using it can save you a lot of headaches in the future. A pool cover is a great way to keep debris away and safeguard your pool from different weather conditions. By covering your pool, you will make sure the chemical balance is maintained and that the motor and other pool essentials are in shape. 

Weber Pools: The Best Residential Pool Services in Dallas

With decades of unmatched experience in offering residential pool services, Weber Pools keeps your pool safe and sound. We are certified pool service providers offering various services at affordable prices – maintenance, cleaning, repairing, remodeling, and more! 

For both residential and commercial pools, our top Dallas service ensures you a lasting and durable swimming pool throughout all seasons. Learn more about our top offers and give us a call at 817-481-7665.