Residential and Commercial Swimming Pool Service in Dallas

Fall is here which means changes are coming for your swimming pool. Since we live in the Dallas area and don’t winterize a swimming pool there is still work to be done but this work isn’t nearly as intense as taking care of your pool during our long, hot, and extensive summer months with pool temperatures reaching 90 degrees. At Weber Pools, we love to share our knowledge with you and wanted to take the time to discuss what changes need to occur as the temperatures cool down. We hope this blog post gives you some insight on things you can do safely this upcoming fall and winter season.

After a long hot summer swim season, your residential and commercial swimming pool water was put through a lot with adding various chemicals and a large number of bathers. But, as the cooler temperatures head in and your water temperature drops you will have fewer bathers and the amount of time taking care of your swimming pool decreases.

When it comes to cooler temperatures it is still vital to clean your pool once a week and skim the pool of all debris but now is the time to start saving money! During the off-season, you can lower your chlorine usage to 1 – 2 parts per million (ppm) and lower your filter run times to 4 – 6 hours depending on the size of your pool. Since chlorine doesn’t wear off as quickly you can save a fair amount of money in the offseason by making these two extremely easy changes.

Even though this isn’t extremely common in Dallas, freezing temperatures can occur. You must keep an eye on the temperatures because if they drop below 35 degrees you will want to run your pump to prevent freezing. Trust us when we say this is extremely important to keep track of because damage can occur if freezing occurs. All of these services and suggestions are what we recommend to prepare your swimming pool for the upcoming cooler temperatures in the Dallas area. If you should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!