The so-called “dead spots”, debris, and stale water can contribute to the downfall of your pool, rendering your substantial investment futile. One of the basics of proper pool maintenance includes filtering, balancing the pool water chemistry, and regular gear check-ups.

If your pool is frequently used and improperly maintained, it might lead to a series of health-threatening conditions like ear infections, congestion, cough, diarrhea, ear pain, and more.

Read on to learn how you can keep your pool clean and safe to use. Plus, we’ll point you toward the best pool maintenance providers in Dallas.

Understanding the Basics

Some good ol’ tips and tricks can help maintain the quality of pool water and keep the chemical balance in check. First and foremost, remember to perform frequent checkups on your pool, even more so during summer in its peak season.

Pool maintenance specialists follow a golden rule: add chemicals to water and not water to chemicals. In other words, knowing the right amount of chemicals to add to your pool water can make or break its quality.

Chemical Balance Is the Key

Chemical Balance Is the Key

Your pool will stay tip-top if you remember to test the chemical balance once or twice a week. It will only take you a couple of minutes to do the test, but it will ensure the quality of the swimming water in the long run. 

Also, do a shock treatment once every two weeks. Chemistry is a massive factor that conditions the quality and safety of pool water. So if your pool chemicals are within limits, you won’t have any issues with cloudy water, discoloration, algae buildup, and the formation of bacteria.

Water Circulation Is More Important Than You Think

As a pool owner, keeping your pool nice and clean is of the utmost importance, not just for visual purposes but also for health reasons. Water can’t (and shouldn’t) stand still in your pool or anywhere else. 

Circulating your pool water is essential because it conditions the functions of the important parts of your pool system. If your pool water isn’t circulating, the pump will not be pumping, nor will the filer work, and you’ll be left with stagnating water that’s the perfect fertile ground for bacteria and algae formation.

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