Maintaining a pool within a budget costs around $90. But the $1 million spent each hour in America for maintenance and repairs can be quite alarming. A good pool maintenance service can help keep your pool in pristine condition and resolve any cracks or leaks. 

Read on and discover the most common swimming pool repair issues in Dallas and what you can do to prevent them.


Fiberglass pools can easily be fixed by replacing the surface. Concrete and gunite pools are a bit trickier, though. Depending on the hole size (if it’s more than two inches), you may need to resurface the entire pool. This is a hefty charge that will likely go above $5,000.  

Leaks in the Pool

This is easy to differentiate from a crack since your pool’s water quantity will decrease significantly. In this situation, pool repairs are urgent since you might lose precious gallons and chlorine, adding up the costs. If you can easily see the source of the leakage, fixing this issue shouldn’t be too costly. But if the technicians have to search for it additionally, the price only goes up.


An uneven, bubbly structure of your pool’s surface is usually a sign that the water pressure below the ground has increased. It happens due to unpredictable natural occurrences in the Earth’s core structure.

Depending on the pressure and the damage it has done, repairs might cost upwards of $10K. However, if spotted on time, the simple use of a hydrostatic pressure relief valve can resolve the issue, and it doesn’t cost more than $20.

Hollow Spots

Hollow spots are the natural opposite of increased pressure under the pool. They occur because the ground supporting your pool has decreased due to natural occurrences and erosion. Fixing this issue once again requires digging and filling in the hollow spots to even the structure on your pool’s surface.

Leaky Pool Plumbing

A leaking pool plumbing is just like a leaking pipe – you have to dig deeper to solve the problem. But just how deep would you have to dig to find it? 

The other part of this common pool problem is whether the plumbing can be fixed or replaced. It’s a tricky issue since you can’t estimate your costs upfront and you need real professionals with tools to approach this problem.

Pump Issues

Pump Issues

Pump issues are one of the most common ones, and depending on the size and quality of your pump, replacing it can cost anywhere up to $1,000. Sometimes small overheating issues can be fixed, but your pump will only work for a little while until it starts pulling air inside and not actually pumping and moving the water.

Replacing Filters

Replacing an overused filter is one of the most common pool repairs, but it can also be quite expensive. 

Your Trusted Swimming Pool Repair Specialist

A routine inspection is necessary to prevent costly repairs and replacements. At Weber Pools, we offer weekly and monthly checkups. We can help with anything from chemicals and equipment to your regular chlorine cartridge refill. We’ll take care of everything, so you won’t need to get your hands dirty.

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