Every year, over 4,500 individuals end up in the emergency room due to injuries from pool chemicals. 

While it may not be at the top of your to-do list, pool maintenance is necessary to prolong your pool’s lifespan and functionality. But is pool cleaning something you can do yourself, or is it better to turn to professionals?

Read on and learn how professional residential pool cleaning services can benefit you.

Why You Need To Hire Professional Residential Pool Cleaning Services

A clean pool equals a peaceful mind! Here’s why professional pool services are always welcome:

Hygiene and Health

Floating debris and drowned insects do not make for a very inviting swim, that’s for sure. But in most cases, hygiene and safety threats are less visible.

Sometimes, the chlorine might smell odd but not raise any suspicion. Other times, you may not even notice that it’s gone and the pH levels have changed. So, it’s always better to schedule residential pool cleaning services regularly to pinpoint any problems.

Maintain Existing Equipment

Maintain Existing Equipment

Professional pool cleaning services hire all kinds of professionals – from chemists and engineers to electricians. After all, not all private owners have the tools and skills for the pool maintenance, so a helping hand is always welcome. 

A professional will also take care of your existing equipment and let you maximize your pool’s current capacity. This can help you avoid additional charges that come with buying new pieces.

Prevent Major Maintenance Charges

Most pool cleaning services offer weekly and occasional checkups on your pool’s overall efficiency, including each separate part. Buying a new pump or filter or doing other major repairs can be a hefty expense.

Depending on the offered subscription packages, aside from checkups, you might get free access to vacuum pumps and other modern and sophisticated tools. 

Avoid Touching Chemicals

Aside from chlorine, dozens of other chemicals are used to clean a swimming pool. If you’re a professional chemist, you might get this balance right. But in most cases, people either have too much or just not enough, further mitigating their healthy swim. 

Professional pool cleaners know exactly what should go into your pool to ensure 100% safe swimming sessions.

Maintenance Depends on the Season

The hot season isn’t the only time you need to clean and maintain your pool. Here’s an overlook of the most common cleaning services depending on the season: 

Dry Season:

  • Balancing chemicals
  • Pump and filter checkups
  • Ensuring water safety
  • Skimming the pool 
  • Remove covers.

Wet Season:

  • Put covers on
  • Properly close the pool
  • Add more chemicals
  • Install safety equipment
  • Maintain the covers.

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