Having a personal spa where you can relax alone or with your family is a great way to unwind after a long day. You got help choosing the right hot tub for your space and needs, and now is the time to enjoy its benefits. 

Hot tubs may seem very simple to clean and maintain, but things can often go south if not done thoroughly, correctly, and on time. In this article, we help you develop the correct cleaning schedule for your bathtub.

Cleaning Frequency

In most cases, the use of the spa determines the cleaning frequency. Balancing the pH and sanitizer levels should be done regularly after every use or once a week, while filters must be cleaned once a week. 

Drain and thoroughly clean hot tubs every three months. Then, you tend to the interior shell, use a pipe cleaner to clean the pipes, and more before refilling it again. Service your hot tub once a year to ensure its proper functioning and the possibility of enjoying it for years to come. 

Cleaning Hot Tub

Flushing Hot Tub Plumbing

Before you drain the water, you’ll need to eliminate bacteria or any build-up in the pipes. The biofilm is removed by using a plumbing line cleaner for that purpose. These special cleaners break down the biofilm, which cannot be removed through filtration or normal water circulation. 

Circulate the right amount of the cleaner for at least 20 minutes. If you haven’t used the hot tub for a longer period or it’s the first time you are cleaning it, then it’s recommended to let the cleaner circulate for a longer period, possibly a few hours. 

If gross-looking foam covers the surface, it means the cleaner is working and removing the biofilm from the pipes. 

Draining a Hot Tub

The proper way to drain hot tubs is to dispose of the water in the sewer system. Never confuse or use the storm drains for this purpose because they lead to natural water bodies. 

Hot tubs can be drained in two ways. One is through the use of the built-in drain plug, which is more time-consuming and a lower-cost option. 

The other option is to use a sump pump, which is often quicker. If this is your preferred choice, stay nearby because the pump will complete the job in just a few minutes. You will be left with an inch or so of water, which the hot tub drains will drain. 

What Needs Cleaning

Use cleaners for hot tubs because regular household cleaning products may damage the tub’s shell. 

Remove the cushions to clean them with warm water, and ensure you take care of the shell part behind the pillows. Wash the outer panels of the tub with a neutral detergent. 

The hot tub cover needs cleaning and debris removal using a high-power hose pipe. Use a damp and soft cloth to wipe the surface. 

Weber Pools: Pool Service and Maintenance You Can Trust

Completing the above steps means refilling your hot tub and enjoying it. Cleaning a hot tub may be challenging, and if you doubt that you can do a good job, you can always turn to professionals. 

Weber Pools is a company with experienced staff that customers trust. We have the resources to cover pool and hot tub cleaning, maintenance, and repair in the Dallas area. Call us to schedule a hot tub cleaning service.