Following a slight decrease in demand, the hot tub market is expected to grow at a rate of 4.1%. It’s predicted to reach $ 2,584.21 million by 2029, as manufacturers are now introducing innovative and energy-efficient designs. 

Whether you’re already a proud hot tub owner or looking to purchase your first one, hot tubs are a costly investment that requires proper maintenance to remain functional for years.

Regular hot tub maintenance entails consistent cleaning, ensuring good water circulation and filtration, and keeping the water balanced. 

Cleaning Your Hot Tub

When cleaning your hot tub, sticking to an established schedule is crucial. The worst mistake you can make is to delay cleaning. 

A good practice would be to test your water weekly and use sanitizer and shocking solutions accordingly. Rinse the filter and wipe down the top surface and your hot tub cover to prevent mold, mildew, and other debris from building up.

Every three to four months, you’ll want to completely drain your hot tub and give the inside a good scrub before filling it up with new, fresh water. Around this time, you’ll also want to clean your filter more thoroughly by soaking it in a chemical cleaner. 

Once a year, hire a professional to clean your entire hot tub, including all the hardware and wiring. Cleaning your hot tub seems like a lot of work, but once you establish a routine, you may find it an excellent form of exercise. 

Water Circulation

Proper water circulation in hot tub

Proper water circulation in your hot tub helps keep your water free of contamination. Turning your hot tub on for 15 to 20 minutes a day, even if you are not using it daily, will ensure your hot tub water is getting enough filtration. People who use their hot tubs regularly should do it more often.

To ensure your hot tub water is properly circulated, you must keep the filters clean. Rinse your filters with a hose every week, spray them with a chemical cleaner every month, and fully submerge them in a cleaning solution every three to four months.

Maintaining Water Balance

Maintaining your water chemistry balance is the final piece of the puzzle. Making sure the pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels in your water are balanced will prevent cloudiness and bacteria and algae growth.

The Benefits of Regular Hot Tub Maintenance

Keeping your hot tub clean and in good condition is not only good for the duration of your hot tub but also for the health and safety of everyone who uses it. In addition, regular maintenance will keep your hot tub looking luxurious and inviting and save you money on repairs and deep cleaning. 

Seek Out Professional Help

Pools and hot tubs are costly investments that require great care. However, proper upkeep often takes time, tools, and expertise. Hiring professional help is the best way to keep your investment in optimal condition. 

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