Having a pool is awesome,  especially in areas with hot days during the year. Even though splashing and cooling off in a pool is fun and games, maintaining your pool is a different story. On average, pool maintenance in Dallas county ranges between $87.00 and $611.00, depending on the extent of the service.

In essence, nothing revolving around pools is cheap — from installation to accessorizing to maintenance — it can cost a fortune you don’t have. But there’s a way to keep your pool clean without putting a dent in your wallet. 

Keep on reading to learn how to keep your pool clean while on a budget. 

You Can Tell a Lot by Looking at Your Pool

First-time pool owners dread keeping their pool clean and safe for use, but there’s nothing to fear. You can tell whether the water level is as it should be just by looking at your pool. Try using chalk to mark the water level on the tiles. Go about your day and revisit the same spot the next morning. If you notice the water level has dropped significantly, there’s a possibility of a leak. 

Finding leaks is tricky, and it’s best addressed by professionals. Otherwise, if the water level is the same or slightly decreased, it can be due to evaporation, which is normal.

Chlorine Is Your Pool’s Best Friend

Chlorine Is Your Pool’s Best Friend

There probably isn’t a household in the U.S. that hasn’t got chlorine as part of their cleaning routine. To keep your pool water safe and clean, shock your pool every week to ensure bacteria and other intruders are out of the way. 

If you notice your pool’s water isn’t as clear or you notice a distinct smell, a pool shock might be in order. Cloudy, greenish pool water calls for chlorine right away.

Use Your Hands or Other Cleaning Gear

Any filter you purchase will do an excellent job if it’s properly maintained. Don’t hesitate to roll up your sleeves and clean the pool filters yourself — it only takes a couple of minutes but saves you from splurging on a new one. 

Clean the filter every week; if you use the pool a lot, it won’t hurt to clean it more often. Plus, it’s highly recommended to clean the filter after a storm. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a clogged filter that pushes debris back into the pool water.

A Simple Pool Skimmer Does the Trick

You don’t have to spend money on fancy pool cleaning gear — all you need is a pool skimmer (or a rake if you have one lying around in the shed). All of the debris you might see inside your pool can be easily taken care of with a pool skimmer. If you do it regularly, it will help with your pool’s circulation.

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