All types of pool cleaning services are available on the US market. From UV water treatment and all-out cleanout to stain removal and clearing plumbage blockages – you can get any service you want!

However, each cleaning service has inherent costs, and you must keep a close eye on each one! Currently, according to IBIS World, 76,586 pool cleaning companies are providing these services across the United States.

Naturally, each company has its billing policy, and you won’t get the same services for the same bill. In this Weber Pool article, you’ll learn the average cost and which are the best residential pool services in Dallas!

Your Average Pool Cleaning Payments in Dallas

The pool cleaning companies are active across all states, and they have particular billing policies depending on their costs and their average costs for making your pool azure blue.

If you’re hiring residential pool services in Dallas – for a single cleaning visit – you’ll probably have to pay somewhere between $27 and $30. The median costs are usually $30 per visit.

Furthermore, the price can depend on the number of monthly visits. Following is a brief overview of the average costs based on the number of cleaning visits in Dallas:

  • Once a month – between $27 and $30
  • Twice a month – between $55 and $64
  • Thrice a month – between $82 and $96
  • Four times a month – between $109 and $130

When Your Prices Might be Higher?

You may have to pay a higher price if you:

  • Have a bigger pool
  • The location is difficult to access
  • When your it uses chlorine
  • When you have a brand-new pool demanding delicacy and complex cleaning procedures
  • When your pool is located near sand
  • Close trees dropping particles and debris in your pool

man doing maintenance on small swimming pool

When Your Prices Might be Lower?

You may have to pay a lower price if you:

  • Have a smaller pool
  • If your pool is a saltwater pool
  • Your pool has a small number of accessories
  • You use a screen to cover the pool
  • The pool is an older model

Why You Should Consider Getting Professional Pool Cleaning Services

There are plenty of ways you can take care of your own pool. You can invest in pool cleaning equipment like a vacuum, algae brush, or skimmer. However, you would have to do this often and if you’re a beginner it can be hard to do it by yourself. This is especially true when it comes to maintaining the optimal pH levels of the pool and shock treatments.

Professional pool cleaning services check for other things like cracks and deterioration of the pool and the equipment and can suggest the best course of action to fix the potential problems Furthermore, they have all the proper cleaning tools and treatments and know how to take care of different types of pools.

Webster Pool: A Cost-Effective Solution

Are you in need of cost-effective residential pool services in Dallas? Weber Pools is at your service! We can provide you with anything from equipment repair and retrofit to stain removals, UV water treatment, and control systems.

Get in touch with us and get a weekly less-than-$100 package for our professional, high-tech, and thorough cleaning services.