Believe it or not, around 15% of all Americans have a pool in their backyards. However, not all residential pools are the same; there are five main residential pool types: above-ground pools, in-ground pools, infinity pools, lap pools, and swim spas.

With that, the cleaning procedure differs. But the cleaning procedure doesn’t only depend on the type of pool – the water inside it also plays a role. Namely, you can put saltwater or freshwater in your pool.

If you want to learn more about how any residential pool cleaning service varies when it comes to clearing salt or freshwater pools, including the price for that, keep reading below.

Cleaning Your Saltwater Pool

Residential saltwater pools are a hit among Americans. They contain only a fraction of the sea salt – an average of 4,000 parts per million, while the ocean water contains astounding 35.000 parts per million.

In recent years, more and more Americans have been using salt water in their pools. Accordingly, residential pool cleaning services have started and developed fully-fledged cleaning services for them.

Maintaining your saltwater pool demands weekly time, money, and effort. That’s why it’s better to turn to a professional company. They can save your efforts and provide you with control systems, salt regulation systems, skimming the pool’s surface, cleaning the filters, and running the pool vacuum.

The Average Cost of Cleaning Your Saltwater Pool

If you live in Dallas, the average cost of maintaining your saltwater pool will range between $25 and $45 per visit. This median price includes everything you need to maintain your saltwater pool.

A good pool cleaning service, without other maintenance activities but solely cleaning your saltwater summer refuge, will cost you between $20 and $40. You should know that cleaning your indoor pool might be slightly more expensive than cleaning your outdoor saltwater pool.

person cleaning fresh water pool

Cleaning Your Freshwater Pool

Making your freshwater pool water almost drinkable isn’t a myth. However, the cleaning and maintenance procedures are much more demanding and complex. From brushing the liners and the underwater surface to the usage of floating sphagnum moss and ionizing the cleaning system – there are a lot of things to take care of.

A good pool cleaning service can offer you a weekly or monthly cleaning package for your freshwater pool and maintain high irritants-free water quality.

Indoor freshwater pools are much easier to clean and maintain because there’s no debris or fallen particles from the environment. Note that you also need to adjust the chemical balance of your freshwater pool.

The Average Cost of Cleaning your Freshwater Pool

Depending on the pool type (above ground, in-ground, outdoor, indoor), the years of use, accessibility, etc., the cleaning costs for your freshwater pool will be approximately $30 weekly.

However, if you hire a pool cleaning service to clean your pool for the whole month, you’ll pay somewhere between 100$ and $130.

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