Do you dream of enjoying a sparkling oasis in your backyard but dread the thought of a complicated and expensive renovation? Well, the good news is that pool remodeling is easier than you think! With simple upgrades and clever design tweaks, you can transform your lackluster pool into a luxurious retreat you’ll never want to leave.

Learn how creativity and home depot items can help spruce up your pool. Whatever your style, there are endless options for transforming your pool into a stunning focal point of your backyard. In addition, find out where to turn to for pool repairs and remodels in Dallas.

You Can Spice Up the Surroundings

When it comes to swimming pools that have seen better days, the surrounding environment can help them look a lot nicer. For one, a fire pit is a great addition to your pool area, giving a more modern feel. Depending on the style of your pool, you can pair the design of the fire pit to go along nicely.

If you have time, you can turn old pots and pitchers into antique-looking little fire pits. Add decorative stones inside them and a tea light on top, and place them close to the pool, but not too close. This way, you’ll make an old pool look as if it might have been designed like that on purpose. 

Resurface Your Pool

Resurface Your Pool

Pool resurfacing is a tried-and-tested way of restoring the appeal of the pool. If your pool has an unadorned plaster finish, you can use that to your advantage and add a modern touch to it. 

Following pool trends today, many pool owners choose aggregate finishes that they can tweak as they like. For instance, you can go for aggregate finishes in color and add pebbles, mosaic tiles, shells, or any other material you want. 

Make a Splash With Water Features

Water features work well for sprucing up pool areas and landscape designs in general. Anything like waterfalls, fountains, bird baths, scuppers, and sprayers can add a touch of vigor to your pool area. 

If you choose a water feature, you’ll add sound and motion to a bland pool area. You can either go to your local home depot and choose a fountain that goes well with the rest of your pool aesthetic or make your own mini water slope using broken pots and vases.

Boost the Ambiance!

Adding light to a pool area is a great way to accentuate the best features of your pool and downplay its drawbacks. When speaking of rather old pools, knowing which color temperature to choose for ambiance lights can make all the difference.

For instance, mellow lights will go great with aged pools, whereas bright, white lights will pair nicely with freshly resurfaced pools.

Leave Pool Maintenance to the Experts at Weber Pools

Whether you’re packing a tight schedule and have no time to maintain your pool or feel more confident knowing professionals will handle the pool issues best, we at Weber Pools are your go-to solution for every pool-related problem.

Besides pool repairs and remodels in Dallas, Weber Pools is also your trusted Puripool service provider. Do you want to learn more? Let’s talk.