Even though pool owners do everything to keep their pools as clean as possible, sometimes, it’s easy to forget to add something to the to-do list. As solid of an investment as a pool is, the lack of upkeep can quickly devalue its worth.

Pool repairs are not something to take lightly. If you’ve noticed a problem with your pool, finding a reputable residential pool repair in Dallas is always a good idea instead of fixing it yourself.

After the repairs, it’s important to keep your pool in tip-top shape by avoiding making rookie mistakes. Check out some of them below! 

Adding Pool Shock Through the Skimmer

Shocking your pool through the skimmer is a big no. It can cause major damage that can become a health hazard. When adding pool shock through the skimmer, the chlorine and the shock will produce a deadly gas.

If the filtration system runs on an automatic chlorinator and you add shock to the skimmer, you will be confining the chemicals in a small space fit for the combustion of lethal gas.

Shocking Your Swimming Pool During the Day

When you set out to shock your pool, don’t do it during the daytime. The purpose of shocking your pool is to remove the skin and eye-irritating chloramines. Doing it during the daytime lessens the effectiveness of the shock.

The sunlight reduces the effectiveness of the shock and makes it evaporate faster without serving its purpose. So, do it overnight instead.

Pool area

Not Brushing the Pool

Do you know that even if you vacuum your pool, you still need to brush it? Brushing your pool keeps algae away from the floor, walls, and the rest of the pool surfaces. To ensure you’re doing it right, use a heavy-duty telescopic pool brush to get every nook and cranny in the pool.

Focus on the waterline, the steps, around and behind the ladders, the corners, slopes, and so on. Do this every week or as frequently as you see fit.

Backwashing the Pool Filter More Than Needed

While backwashing your pool filter is very important, it’s also essential to avoid overdoing it. Excessive backwashing of the pool filter is a pretty common mistake pool owners should avoid.

To ensure you are not backwashing your pool filter too often, pay attention to the pressure gauge on the filter tank and aim to maintain the pressure at around 10 and 15 psi (pounds per square inch). 

Turning a Blind Eye on the Alkalinity and pH Levels

Nothing ruins pool fun quite like an off-balance pH. If you know that something isn’t right with the pH levels in your pool and don’t do anything about it, you risk your pool water becoming acidic or alkaline.

Besides making the water too acidic or alkaline, imbalanced pH levels can damage the pool pump, the heater, the filter, and so on.

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