The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance reports an astonishing 10.7 million swimming pools in the United States, with 10.4 million being residential and 309,000 designated as public. This translates to approximately one pool for every 31 individuals across the country.

For more than five decades, swimming pools have remained a cherished feature in countless homes, offering homeowners a personal oasis for aquatic leisure and outdoor relaxation, free from the company of unfamiliar faces. The charm of private pools has intensified in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, as many individuals developed a newfound distaste for communal spaces and expressed a growing desire for a haven exclusively their own.

If you’re in the midst of a home search, you might wonder if it’s better to invest in a house with an existing pool or opt for a property where you can construct one. Regardless, it’s worth delving into the considerations surrounding each choice!

Important Considerations Before Buying Or Building A Pool-inclusive Home


1. Examine Local Price Variations

Price disparities determine the feasibility of your decision.

Begin by comparing the price of a property equipped with a pool to that of an identical property without one. Assess the extent of the cost difference. If the difference is minimal, it suggests that installing a pool might result in excessive expenses.

Constructing a pool goes beyond the pool alone; it involves installing a wooden pool deck, tiling the surroundings, and ensuring your yard is adequately leveled to accommodate it.

2. Consider The Property You Already Like

If you’ve developed a strong liking for a specific property that lacks a pool, consider the potential for integrating a pool into the space. Investing in a pool, along with associated elements like landscape drainage, might be a justifiable expense if it enables you to attain the full range of features you desire in a property.

Each property has its own characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. If your attraction is solely centered around the presence of a pool, the financial outlay might not be warranted. Instead, direct your attention to a property that truly captivates you, and explore the feasibility of incorporating a pool into its backyard or determining if a pool is already part of the property’s amenities.

3. The Pool’s Return On Investment (ROI)

While the idea of installing a pool might spark enthusiasm, the actual ROI for such endeavors typically amounts to less than a third of the original cost (around 15-25%). Consequently, if you intend to sell your property within the next 10-15 years, pinning hopes on a pool to substantially enhance your property’s value may prove less rewarding.

It’s worth noting that while this still represents a form of appreciation, specific locales, such as upscale neighborhoods, can yield higher ROI figures. However, in instances where you place a pool within a neighboring yard without pools, investing in such an addition could potentially result in a waste of money.

4. The Big Picture

Once you’re prepared, pause to gain a comprehensive perspective and determine the best choice for your situation. Consider whether you’re willing to gamble on potentially jeopardizing your investment by adding a pool to a beloved home.

Alternatively, contemplate the possibility of acquiring a property with less personal attachment yet grants you the advantage of an existing pool–even though it may require occasional maintenance like repainting, resealing, or tile replacement.

Get The Pool Of Your Dreams With A Reliable Pool Construction Company in Dallas


Consider the effort needed for a home pool. You’ll need a proper deck railing and a fence around the pool as per state rules. Regular upkeep is necessary to keep the pool working well. Doing all this work alone can take up your weekends and lead to frustration.

Instead, think about hiring a reliable pool company like Weber Pools. We understand your needs and can handle tasks like refinishing or remodeling your pool. We’re experts in pool construction and maintenance in Dallas, making sure you have more time to enjoy your pool. Get in touch with us for help!