Whether you’re contemplating selling your house in the near future or exploring a property with a pool, the decision to invest in a pool can be a sound investment. According to Bankrate, swimming pools certainly add to a property’s curb appeal, resulting in an estimated 7% increase in its overall value.

If you live in Dallas and plan to embark on a pool construction project, it’s essential to carefully consider the following important factors.

  • Budget

Pool construction costs in Dallas vary widely depending on size, materials, and additional features (such as spas, waterfalls, or lighting). Be sure to account for ongoing maintenance expenses, too. A well-constructed pool can be an investment, but it’s essential to have a clear understanding of your financial limits.

  • Space

Consider factors like sunlight exposure, wind patterns, and proximity to your home. You’ll want a spot that maximizes sun exposure for most of the day yet isn’t overly exposed to strong winds. Additionally, consider how the pool will fit into your overall landscaping. In-ground pools will require a larger area, while above-ground pools are often more common in smaller spaces.

  • Pool Type

Aside from aesthetics, the type of pool you choose will significantly impact cost, maintenance requirements, and overall functionality. Among the most common pool types, above-ground pools are more economical and can be set up relatively quickly, while in-ground and fiberglass pools are typically better in terms of aesthetics but require longer installation timelines due to required excavation and construction processes. 

  • Materials and Finishes

Choose quality materials for the pool’s construction, including the pool shell, decking, and coping. Proper materials can affect durability, maintenance requirements, and aesthetics.

  • Local Regulations

Pool construction is subject to local zoning and building codes. To avoid potential legal issues and fines, obtaining the necessary permits and ensuring your pool project complies with all relevant laws is essential. Your pool contractor should be well-versed in these requirements and guide you.

  • Maintenance Commitment

Dallas experiences hot summers and occasional freezes in the winter, which can affect the pool’s water balance and equipment. Be prepared to invest time and effort into regular pool maintenance.

  • Energy Efficiency

With rising energy costs and environmental concerns, it’s wise to think about the energy efficiency of your pool. Consider options like energy-efficient pumps, LED lighting, and solar heating systems. These choices can reduce your pool’s environmental impact and save you money on operational costs in the long run.

  • Safety Measures

Pool safety should be a top priority, especially if you have children or pets. Ensure your pool area has proper safety features, such as pool fencing, safety covers, and alarms. Educating yourself and your family about pool safety guidelines to prevent accidents is also a good idea.

Choosing the right pool contractor is perhaps the most crucial decision you’ll make during planning.  A reputable contractor will help you navigate the complexities of pool construction, provide guidance on design and materials, and ensure that your project is completed to your satisfaction.


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Embarking on a pool construction project in Dallas is an exciting endeavor, but one that requires careful consideration and planning. With the help of an experienced pool contractor, you can have your dream pool without all the hassles.

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