Winter in Texas is slowly ending, and there’s no doubt that its residents are eagerly awaiting the sun and the chance to dip their toes in a pool. That means it’s time for resorts and water parks to prepare for the summer by polishing up their pools.

But how often should these pools get cleaned? The CDC recommends draining at least a portion of the pool water weekly. But is this realistic, and are there alternatives? In this post, we’ll see how to keep commercial pools clean and why hiring expert commercial pool cleaning services will make that an easy process.

Ensure Proper Water Circulation

The only way the pool water can stay clean is if it’s frequently cleaned. Make sure your pump is strong enough to handle large volumes of water daily. Inspect it regularly, replace any worn-out parts, and clean the strainer. Don’t forget to also check the water flow to ensure it’s pumping enough gallons to keep the water fresh.

Install a Chemical Automation System

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Commercial pools are always full of people, so checking the pH balance or chlorine levels by hand can be tricky. You can solve this issue by getting a chemical automation system that monitors water quality automatically. The little display will show you everything you need to know about how sanitary the water is at any given time. That will make it easier to add more sanitizer or chlorine as needed.

Get a Pool Chlorinator

This is a plastic tube that’s attached to the pool pump and releases chlorine tablets when needed. It takes all the hard work away from chlorinating the water by injecting the correct amount directly into the water flow. It’s small and inconspicuous, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space.

Try the PuriPool Process

Constantly draining and replacing the water is not an easy task for large venues with many guests. It also wastes a lot of water, and that’s where the PuriPool process comes in. It’s an eco-friendly way to thoroughly clean your pool water without wasting a single drop. The best part? An experienced pool cleaning service will do it in 24 hours, and your guests can still use the pool while the water is cleaned.

Hire A Professional Pool Cleaning Service

While all of the above does keep pool water clean and sanitized for a longer period, nothing comes close to a professional cleaning job. A team of professionals will make short work of scrubbing down the tiles, vacuuming the bottom of the pool, and making sure the fixtures and equipment are in good order. You can even set up a weekly maintenance schedule to make sure that your facilities stay squeaky clean.

Find the Best Commercial Pool Cleaning Services in Dallas

As soon as summer begins, many Dallas residents will try to find some relief from the heat in the many commercial swimming pools available to them. Hotels, resorts, and water parks should start preparing their pools for the influx of guests that the new season will bring. The experts at Weber Pools are always ready to clean, repair, and even remodel your facilities. If you want the best commercial pool cleaning services, call us today!