With only nine commercial pools throughout Dallas, many locals build pools in their residences to easily cool off during the hottest days in the summer. Even though we are going into the coldest months of the year, people are still working hard to build their dream pools, as recent reports show 234 pool building permits were issued in November in Dallas alone, out of 500 permits in the entirety of Texas. 

If you are adding or thinking of adding a pool to your home, you must consider the maintenance and repairs that come with adding a pool. While some are only done annually or as needed, others must be done weekly. Today, we will tell you about the weekly pool service Dallas residents should consider, so keep reading to learn more!

What Does the Weekly Pool Service Include?

Benefits of Weekly Pool Service in Autumn

As we have mentioned, there is a weekly cleaning and maintenance routine that all pool owners need to know if they want a spotless swimming pool. Some people will tell you that you can do all this cleaning yourself. Still, we recommend having a team of professionals help you, especially regarding the deep cleaning and chemical balancing. Here’s more on these and the other weekly pool service needs of Dallas residents: 

  • Swimming Pool Skimming: Pool skimming includes removing dirt and debris accumulating on the water’s surface. Usually, this happens to people with a pool in their yards close to trees, so leaves and other debris easily enter the water. You can also find this service as “netting,” which includes the same debris removal process.
  • Swimming Pool Brushing: Another essential part of pool maintenance is brushing, which can also be a part of your daily cleaning routine. This includes removing the dirt and debris that has entered the water. You can use a larger brush to brush the entire walls, steps, seats, and even the pool bottom. 
  • Swimming Pool Vacuuming: If you think brushing is enough to keep your pool clean, think again! The brush is not enough to remove all the dirt that has made its way onto the pool walls and bottom. That’s why you also need to have the entirety of the pool vacuumed, as the vacuum ensures all dirt is lifted from the pool. This is essential to prevent algae from infecting your pool and deeming your water unusable. 
  • Chemical Balancing: Finally, you must consider the pool’s chemical balancing, which is a step we recommend you leave to the professionals. It includes testing the water and adjusting it to fit the required levels. The water is tested for chlorine, pH, and alkalinity levels. If they are off, the professionals would add the needed chemicals to adjust them properly. If needed, this process can also include adjusting the salinity of the water. 

Weekly Pool Service Dallas, Texas: Weber Pools Can Help You Out

When you first look into a pool’s maintenance and cleaning requirements, it may all seem a bit demanding. However, remember that you do not need to do this alone – Weber Pools is here for all your pool cleaning and maintenance needs! 

Our team of experts with over 75 years of experience in the field can help you keep your pool spotless with our weekly package. 

So, do not hesitate to call or contact us through the contact form on our official website!