Your Swimming Pool Water Quality Is Important

Swimming Pool Water Quality

Let’s face it, swimming pools are a luxury, and if you own a swimming pool there are numerous benefits that can be enjoyed. Simply put, whether you are exercising, hosting a barbecue with friends and family or lounging in the pool, it is extremely important you know how to keep it clean and sanitized. Typically, most people think that by brushing the water tile line and interior finish, skimming and keeping proper chemistry is enough but it goes far beyond that. Swimming pools should be maintained at least once a week to keep them clean but depending on weather conditions sometimes maintenance will need to occur more than that. An example of this is if you live in an area with lots of trees and other vegetation you might need to maintain it more to keep leaves and other debris out of the pool. Honestly, on windy days we aren’t afraid to let you know we skim out leaves every day. We do this to prevent issues and phosphate buildup. But, on a weekly basis, the water tile line and the interior finish of the swimming pool should be brushed to prevent buildup and dirt. Debris should also be skimmed out of the swimming pool as soon as possible as it can change the chemistry in the swimming pool and could cause excess chlorine usage or an increase in phosphates.

One major benefit to having in your swimming pool is an automatic swimming pool cleaner. This will help remove debris from the bottom of the swimming pool and drastically reduce the amount of work that you need to do. Regularly check all equipment for leaks because this can not only waste water but it can also cause poor filtration which can lead to inadequate movement of water and the possibility of algae growth.

On top of all this, keeping adequate amounts of chlorine in the swimming pool, monitoring your pH, Total Alkalinity and keeping your CYA levels within a normal range is also essential for keeping your swimming pool clean and the water clear and free of contaminants. Depending on where you live, you are also going to need to consider Calcium Hardness (CH) and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) as well.

On the other hand, due to bather load, if you own a commercial swimming pool or like to swim in them, proper maintenance is extremely important along with adequate filtration. Water quality especially when it comes to commercial swimming pools has been in the news a lot. Weber Pools works with a variety of commercial swimming pool to keep them clean and ready to swim in. We also offer The Puripool Process which uses Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration to lower Calcium Hardness, Total Dissolved Solids, Cyanuric Acid, and waterborne diseases.

This service is available for both residential and commercial swimming pool owners. If you have any other questions about the importance of swimming pool water quality or The Puripool Process, please contact us today!


Dangers of Draining A Swimming Pool

In the swimming pool industry, pool professionals will recommend a drain and refill when any of the following occur:

  1. High levels of Calcium Hardness
  2. High levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
  3. High levels of Cyanuric Acid (CYA)
  4. Presence of a waterborne disease
  5. Your water is “old”
  6. The chemicals aren’t working as efficiently as they could

If you take a water sample into a pool store and haven’t changed out the water in quite some time, chances are they are going to recommend a drain and refill. It’s extremely common and we are writing to blog post for you because it’s dangerous to drain a swimming pool and we want to highlight what those are. In the picture above you can see that this swimming pool floated.

Why do pools float?

The most common types of pools to float are gunite swimming pools. This occurs because any vessel, underneath the ground, can float with enough water pressure pushing on it. Hydrostatic pressure, or water pushing upwards, is the reason why pools can pop up out of the ground. As crazy as this might seems it can happen and is the risk you take by draining your swimming pool. That’s why a gunite pool that might have cost you $40K brand new to construct will now cost $55K or more to replace. So the question we have for you is, “Is it worth it?” Is running the risk of spending fifty-five thousand dollars worth it when there is a much better solution?

Pools get drained all the time and depending on the time of year the risks of damaging the interior finish is higher. That’s why if a pool professional recommends a drain and refill we suggest looking into options and here’s why….

Draining a residential or commercial swimming pool can take days which means unnecessary downtime for your swimming pool as well as disappointed residents or guests if it’s a commercial swimming pool. It means filling the swimming pool back up with Dallas’s moderately hard water (approximately 300 parts per million) and it also means poor water quality. At Weber Pools, we are aware of all of these and want to offer you a much better solution that reduces the risk of floating and other damage. This solution also puts the best quality of water back in your swimming pool and doesn’t require the pool to be drained.

We offer The Puripool Process which is an alternative to a drain and refill that uses Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration to lower Calcium Hardness, TDS, CYA, salts and so much more. By using this service we can not only give you and your family the best water to swim in but it also keeps the water in the pool which means NO FLOATING or DOWNTIME.

If this sounds interesting to you, please contact us today and you will have the opportunity to swim in the best water possible!


Benefits of Owning a Hot Tub


Have you been thinking about installing a hot tub/spa in your backyard? During the long, dreary cold winter months this isn’t uncommon. Hot tubs are great for relaxation, relieving sore muscles and of course warming up too. They are also a great place to entertain friends and family or perfect when you are looking to add a little charm to your backyard paradise. With hot tubs, they do require work because of the higher temperatures so we hope this blog post informs you on what you will need to do or why hiring us will make your life a lot easier.

If you do not have the proper balance of chemical levels in your hot tub, it will never be truly clean, and it could be potentially harmful to you and your family. Keeping the appropriate levels of chemicals in the water will make it easier for you when it comes time to clean your hot tub – so we recommend investing in an inexpensive water testing kit from your local pool supply store, home center, or hiring us to maintain the appropriate chemicals to maintain proper sanitation. Since there are various types of scum that are found in the water it is best diagnosed by testing with the kit mentioned above, or by taking a sample of the hot tub water to your local pool supply store, so that they can diagnose any problems with the water, and they can point you to the right chemicals for your particular situation.

The next important step in maintaining a clean and healthy spa is to regularly check and clean the filters. You can do this in a variety of different ways:

The Quick Rinse

Most hot tubs use cartridge filters that can easily be removed and washed down with a garden hose. This type of rinse is recommended at least once a week if you use your hot tub regularly.

Chemical Soaking

You can buy chemicals in a pool store to soak your filters in overnight. Please be sure to read the directions and this type of cleaning should occur about 2-3 times a year or times when your hot tub is in heavy use mode.

Please be sure to inspect the filter pleats each time you clean them for tears. If this happens, you must replace the filter. To prevent downtime, having a second set of filters for you hot tub would be a good idea.

Ultimately, you will want to make sure you do all of the above to keep your hot tub functioning at all times. Keeping it clean can be among the least favored chores around your home. Weber Pools can keep your hot tub looking good and performing at optimal levels for your continued enjoyment. Contact us today to learn more!

The Calcium In My Swimming Pool Is High, Now What?
Our mobile filtration trailer

Our mobile filtration trailer

Calcium hardness and swimming pools pretty much go hand in hand. Whether you are in the Southwest United States, The South or in the Texas area, dealing with calcium and other hardness minerals in our fill/tap water is something you’re going to need to deal with. Most swimming pool owners are aware that the pool needs some calcium hardness to keep the liner intact but with the hardness where it is in the Texas area, it isn’t uncommon to see calcium 5 times or more harder than what is recommended. So, the question becomes when this happens what should you do? This blog post will focus on those questions and it will explain what you can do about it without draining the swimming pool.

About every two years, Weber Pools highly recommends changing out the water in your swimming pool. Even though your water is clear and blue, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t loaded with contaminants and should be changed. The reason why this happens is as water evaporates in your swimming pool, calcium and other hardness minerals remain in solution and gradually increase. Along with calcium hardness you will also notice that total dissolved solids (TDS), cyanuric acid (CYA), salts and phosphates will increase too. At any given time, pool professionals when these levels get too high, will recommend a drain and refill. As much as we would agree that the water needs to be changed, how you do it is what we would like to educate you on. We offer a mobile filtration trailer that comes to your residence or commercial property and we recycle the existing water in the swimming pool. We use Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration to lower calcium hardness, TDS, CYA, phosphates, waterborne diseases and so much more without draining the swimming pool. The mobile trailer is completely self-contained, which means we run on our own power, it consists of 6 RO membranes to filter the water and two hoses which take water from the swimming pool into the trailer and the other returns the filtered (drinkable) water back to the pool. The following are some of the benefits of using our service:

  • We conserve up to 85% of the existing water in the swimming pool
  • The liner of the swimming pool is never exposed
  • You can swim in the pool while the process is being performed
  • We can finish most residential jobs in less than a day
  • We give you a better end product than tap water

We’ve been offering this service for about 3 years in the Dallas area. We also travel in Oklahoma as well. So we ask that the next time someone recommends changing out the water in your swimming pool, that you call us instead. You will be much happier with the end product and the environment will thank you too!

Why LED Lighting for Your Swimming Pool Makes Sense!

Are you tired of your swimming pool looking “normal” when you turn on your pool light at night? Are you tired of hiring a professional to come out and change your light after only 300 hours of use? Have you ever thought about what it would be like to install an LED light in your swimming pool? If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, then installing a Jandy LED Pool Light is the way to go. As an official Jandy warranty service provider we have been and will continue to recommend their products because of quality, great customer service and overall satisfaction.

LED lights can be fun, they can add colorful water displays to your pool and can ultimately save you time and money. Not to mention, they cost you pretty much nothing to operate! When comparing them to a standard incandescent light in a swimming pool there isn’t much of a comparison. Most incandescent bulbs last 300 hours, cost roughly $400.00 to $450.00 to replace, they use more electricity and you should hire a professional to install it because of the electricity/water factor. Whereas, with an LED light you can get up to 50,000 hours of lighting and they reduce your energy expense by up to 90%. The biggest difference is in price where LED lights cost roughly $1000.00 to install.

When it comes to energy-efficiency and lighting, Jandy Pro Series WaterColors LED pool and spa lights are the way to go. Here are some of their best features:

  • “Unique wide angle lens design saturates your water with a wide variety of primary colors and blended water colors”
  • “Choose from five color shows or let Jandy Pro Series WaterColors transition through continuously changing colors”
  • “Reduces your energy expenses by up to 90%”
  • “Conveniently operated by a light switch, any iAqualink, Aqualink RS, PDA system, or Aqualink Touch”
  • “Plastic and stainless steel niches available”

When it comes to your backyard, why be normal when you can stand out with an endless display of brilliant, gorgeous color? If you are interested in learning more about how the Jandy Pro Series LED Lights would be a fit for you, call us today at 817-481-7665.


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