Texas Hard Water Pool Filtering

Thanks to Weber Pools, local pool owners everywhere can fill their pools with PuriPool recycled swimming pool water in Texas. PuriPool is a revolutionary purification process that lets you forgo draining your pool and re-filling it with fresh water.

At Weber Pools, we specialize in this form of Texas hard water pool filtering, and are equipped to handle your pool, no matter what shape or size it may be. The following is some information on this relatively new process

Is PuriPool purification more thorough than draining your pool and re-filling it?

Yes. Our Texas eco-friendly pool purification process achieves the same results, but does not waste water in the process. Instead of dumping all the water in your pool, we conserve 85 percent of it. The system removes the impurities out of the water, so it’s like new.

How do I know if I have hard water?

PuriPool pool filtering in Texas is perfect for eliminating hard water. You can tell you have hard water if you spot calcium build up in and around your pool. This indicates that the water contains excess calcium, minerals and phosphates.

How does PuriPool save me money?

You can fill your pool with PuriPool recycled swimming pool water in Texas and save money. Hard water requires more chlorine to be effective, and that can add up. By conserving your water instead of draining it, you also save money on your water bill. This form of Texas hard water pool filtering saves you time, money and hassle.

How does it work?

To provide you with recycled pool water in Texas, we use a series of hoses and a filtration machine to take water from your pool, filter it through a membrane, and then pump it back in your pool. The membrane removes impurities and contaminates.

Are you ready to take advantage of PuriPool recycled swimming pool water in Texas? Contact the staff at Weber Pools right now.

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