To keep your swimming pool clean and working properly, it’s important to keep the water free from debris and protect the components from damage. One of the most important things to maintain is the pool’s pH levels. It prevents the water from being corrosive and maintains the effectiveness of chlorine.

If pool water is too acidic, it can cause corrosion and other skin problems. If the alkaline level is high, it can cause scaling and can cloud the water. Pool experts recommend pH levels between 7.4 and 7.6. An imbalance in water pH levels can even cause damage to the pool itself.

Weber Pools shares the importance of proper pool chemical balance:

Why you maintain the chemical balance in your pool

  • Avoids skin irritations or eye problems. When your skin is exposed to any kind of chemicals, it can cause potential skin irritations. Incorrect chemical balance can cause bacteria that can harm your skin, hair, eyes and even lungs. If you have sensitive skin, hydrochloric acid can further cause inflammation. The proper chemical balance in your pool includes total alkalinity (80-120 ppm), pH level (7.4-7.6), calcium hardness (200-400 ppm) and chlorine level (3 ppm). To achieve this, you can hire pool cleaning experts like Weber Pools. Keeping your pool within these ranges will ensure the water won’t harm swimmers.
  • Avoids corrosion. Water must be balanced regularly to avoid corrosion in the swimming pool. Pool chemicals can help prevent corrosion as well as eliminate bacteria and other organisms. Components like pumps, heaters, valves and filters are often in contact with the pool water, so it’s important to maintain chemical balance. Acidic pool water can also cause corrosion of ladders, slides, diving boards and other essential – and expensive equipment in your pool. On the other hand, a low pH level in water can destroy the plaster in gunite or in-ground concrete pools.

cleaning the pool

  • Prevent equipment damage. Your filtering system is an essential and expensive part of your pool. It’s important to keep it working properly to remove contaminants and other particles. If you have unbalanced pool water, it can cause damage to your equipment and raise the cost of your pool maintenance.
  • Makes the pool appealing to swimmers. A swimming pool with sparkling clear water is more inviting than a murky one. If the pH level is imbalanced, the water will be cloudy and unappealing.  Too much or too little amounts of chemicals can cause calcium to not dissolve properly and scaling.
  • Avoids deactivating chlorine. Chlorine is recommended for killing germs in the water. However, if pH levels are high, they can reduce the efficacy of chlorine and you may end up spending too much without having it do its job to clean the water, so maintaining proper chemical level is important.

Reliable pool cleaning and maintenance

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